Christmas Club (Including Terms & Conditions)

Santa Fred


Ritchies customers can prepare for a happy Christmas by joining the Ritchies Christmas Club. As well as ensuring your family Christmas will have all the trimmings, you'll enjoy some valuable, extra benefits. Start planning for next Christmas and make life easier and celebrations more affordable by joining the Ritchies Christmas Club today!

How does Ritchies Christmas Club work?

Customers make contributions throughout the year towards the purchase of a gift card using either or both of the methods below. 

The cut off date for payments each year is the second Sunday in November. During the first week of December you will receive a letter and a statement detailing your gift card value. This letter will invite you to call into your local store to pick up your Ritchies Christmas Club gift card that can be used at any of our Supermarkets or Liquor stores.

If you have contributed an amount totalling $200.00 or more to your Christmas Club gift card you will qualify for a Christmas gift with our compliments for the festive season (please note gift may vary year to year).

Join online HERE, or call into your local Ritchies Store to pick up an application form.

Contributions can be made:

In store

You can make contributions at the supermarket register, when you do your shopping. Simply present your Christmas Club Membership Card and tell the cashier that you would like to contribute to your Christmas Club gift card. You can contribute any amount you like from 50 cents upwards. Two receipts will be issued. The first one is for you. It is important that you retain your receipts, as they will be required if you have a query with any transaction. The second receipt is forwarded into our Office for further processing. Please make sure you PRINT your NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER on this receipt. Remember, if you contribute $200 or more to your Christmas Club gift card, you'll qualify for a Christmas gift with our compliments.


Direct Debit

You can Direct Debit from your nominated bank account to your Christmas Club gift card. Complete Section (B) on the application form. Debits are monthly and can start anytime from February and finish in October, totalling up to nine payments. Contribute $250.00 or more through Direct Debit payments and qualify for a bonus $20.00 added to your balance (this is in addition to the gift you receive for contributing $200.00).

You can even do both! You can sign up for Direct Debit and also choose to make contributions when you are in store. It's flexible and designed to suit you and your needs and to give you the best possible start to Christmas.

Ritchies Christmas Club is a really great idea! Don't delay, join today.