Fred at BRW ANZ Awards

Ritchies wins BRW ANZ Award!

Ritchies Stores are proud to announce that we won the “Excellence in Community Practices” Award at the prestigious BRW ANZ Private Business Awards held in Sydney on Wednesday 26th August 2009.

BRW and ANZ Corporate Banking joined together for the second year to recognise the country’s most outstanding private businesses. The BRW ANZ Private Business Awards celebrate the significant contribution private businesses make to the Australian economy. The Awards are open to private companies operating in Australia. Nominated companies have a minimum annual turnover of $15 million or 50 or more employees.

“The BRW ANZ Private Business Awards celebrate the success of some of Australia’s highly capable private businesses, the cornerstone of the economy, but receive little attention. These awards aim to highlight the entrepreneurialism, management and strategies of the best private companies in the country” said Sean Aylmer, BRW Editor in chief.

This is our second award in 2009, coming hard on the heels of the Victoria Day Award in July - great recognition of Ritchies commitment to our Community Benefit Program and our local community.

Victoria Day Award

Victoria Day Award for Public and Community
Service by a Good Corporate Citizen

In 1870, when Thomas Ritchie opened a grocery store in the tiny country settlement of Frankston, he did so intent on three things – keeping his shop competitive, rewarding staff and donating part of his profit back to the community. Now 150 years on, Ritchies is Australia’s largest independent supermarket and liquor chain, a company in which many staff has shares and the founder’s “shilling for every pound” offer has grown into the Community Benefit Card program.  Ritchies currently donate many millions of dollars each year to the clubs, kindergartens, schools and charities nominated by shoppers. In the last sixteen years alone $30 million has been given back to the community.

On Black Saturday 7th February 2009, Ritchies were conducting their official launch of their Yarra Glen Supermarket. Fred Harrison, CEO and Malcolm Cameron, Director, Ritchies Stores were on hand at Yarra Glen and, as the tragic events unfolded, they were very much involved with the bushfire evacuation which took place in the Yarra Glen/Kinglake region.

Ritchies threw open their new Supermarket for use as a safety house and throughout the course of the evening over 500 people and pets took refuge. Lining the aisles were the sick, the old and the very young including a five week old. Fred Harrison was directing his staff and no expense was spared in providing the essentials to those gathered. Bottled water, soft drinks, food and anything required was handed out freely. Fire fighters and police headed there for respite from the horrific conditions. Fred accommodated everyone, making announcements over the public address system and answering everyone’s questions. His quick thinking and obvious leadership skills helped countless people.

Through their Community Benefit card program, Ritchies have donated about $240,000 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and bushfire-recovery programs with customers and staff raising $99,000 of this in the months of February and March. This contribution will continue to grow in the months ahead as many new and existing Community Benefit card holders have elected the Bushfire Appeal as their charity.

Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program donates a percentage of the money spent by customers to their nominated club, school or charity. Ritchies have been at the forefront in establishing this incredible program and as a result, many hundreds of thousands of lives have been improved.

NOTE: The Victoria Day Awards celebrate Victoria’s foundation at the separation from New South Wales on July 1st, 1851.

Norman Kennedy
Chair, Victoria Day Council
Mobile:  0419 379 540
Email: [email protected]

Ballina store awarded "IGA International Retailer of the year"

Ballina Store

In 2007 Ritchies Supa IGA was awarded
· QLD SUPA IGA Grocery Department of the year
· QLD SUPA IGA Bakery Department of the year
· QLD SUPA IGA Liquor Department of the year
· QLD SUPA IGA Store Manager of the year
· QLD SUPA IGA Retailer of the year

Later in 2007 at the National EXPO Ballina went on to win the SUPA IGA Grocery Department of the year and ultimately The NATIONAL SUPA IGA Retailer of the year.

Winning the Australian award put Ritchies Ballina in the running for the International Awards being held in Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2008.

Over 40 countries competed for the title which resulted in Ritchies SUPA IGA Ballina being awarded as the International Retailer of the Year for 2008 and becoming the first company to win this prestigious award twice after also winning in 2002 with our store in Dromana.