Ritchies CB Card

We are changing our Community Benefit Card Program as our current system is no longer functional due to a hard disk failure. Our IT specialists have worked hard to restore it, but they have not been successful.

We are working on an update and plan to launch our brand new Ritchies Loyalty App and card, with new features and new terms and conditions, in 2020. Pending the launch of this updated Loyalty App, we have to make a few changes to our existing Community Benefit Program.

Ritchies' Community Benefit Card Program offers savings for our customers. Cardholders can continue to scan their Community Benefit cards at our checkouts to enjoy discounts and savings on selected products whenever they shop with us.

Contributions to organisations nominated by customers and on our system as at 1 May 2019 (eligible organisations) will continue but the basis upon which those contributions will be calculated will change from now until the launch of our new Loyalty App and card in 2020, as follows:

  • Customers' purchases will no longer be aggregated to determine whether the total monthly spend in favour of an eligible organisation has exceeded the threshold of $2000, nor will our contributions be based upon a percentage (previously 0.5%) of those aggregated amounts.
  • Instead, effective now, Ritchies will continue to donate monthly to eligible organisations based on that organisations' average receipts from us since 1 July 2018 or since they were nominated under the Program, whichever is the later date.
  • Customers can no longer change their nominated organisation until our new Loyalty App is launched.
  • Organisations nominated after 1 May 2019 will not be eligible to participate in our existing Community Benefit Program as unfortunately, Community Benefit Card applications received after that date were not processed before the hard disk for our existing system failed.

Ask for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card at your nearest participating Ritchies supermarket or liquor store. Your Card can be used immediately!

Every time you shop you will be asked by one of Ritchies' friendly cashiers to present your Community Benefit Card for scanning at our registers before you pay, so you enjoy immediate benefits by accessing the discounts and specials in our participating stores!

There are hundreds of weekly specials that have extra discounts for Ritchies Community Benefit Cardholders. These 'CB' specials are clearly marked with red shelf tickets bearing the Community Benefit logo.

However, all customers will have the opportunity to nominate their organisation of choice when our new Loyalty App and card go live.

We're sorry for any short term inconvenience, but very much look forward to announcing to all in the Ritchies community when we have contributed our 50 millionth dollar!

After our new Loyalty App and cards go live, customers will have TWO MONTHS to install the App and enter the details of their nominated organisation. Until then, Ritchies will continue to contribute every month to organisations, based either on:

  • their average receipts from us since 1 July 2018, or,
  • an amount 0.5% of customers' aggregated monthly spend with us exceeding $2000,

whichever the greater.

TWO MONTHS after the launch of our new Loyalty App, new terms and conditions will be introduced and we will notify all customers and nominated organisations of these in due course.

* Ritchies reserves the right to change the terms of any of its cards, programs or clubs at any time, subject to reasonable prior notice to you.

**In accordance with government legislation the purchase of cigarettes and tobacco products are not included in the calculations of the Community Benefit or any other program.

***The aggregated monthly spend is calculated per organisation nominated by our customers.

****This Program is not available at any of our Fishers or non-participating stores.