Is Ritchies an Australian owned company?
Ritchies is a wholly Australian owned private company with existing management, staff and customers sharing in the company. Click here to go to our history for the full story!

What does IGA stand for?
IGA stands for 'Independent Grocers of Australia'. It is our marketing banner with other Independents to promote our products and give us better buying power.

How can I find my closest store?
Click here to find the location maps for all our stores.

How can I get a job at Ritchies?
Apply to the manager at the store in which you'd like to work. Click here for more details about careers at Ritchies.

How much has Ritchies donated to the community through the Community Benefit Card?
Click here to get the up to date total of donations.

How does Ritchies' Community Benefit Card work?
Click here to find out how you can save money and help your favourite club, school or charity at the same time with a free Ritchies' Community Benefit Card.

What is the Ritchies Christmas Club?
Click here to find out how to take the worry out of this year's Christmas shopping.

How can I buy Gift Vouchers?
Ask your local store manager. If you would like particular denominations, you will need to contact our Head Office on (03) 9784 2000.

What does Ritchies' 200% Money Back Guarantee mean?
Ritchies 200% Money Back Guarantee means that if you are not 100% happy with your fresh meat, delicatessen or fresh fruit and vegetable purchases, we will happily refund your money and replace your product as well.

Can my Wine Club membership be linked to my Community Benefit Card?
Yes, your Wine Club membership card can be linked to your Community Benefit Card and can be used in either the grocery or liquor department to ensure that all your purchases are helping your favourite club, school or charity.

What is Ritchies doing to help the environment?
Click here to find out about our policies on cork recycling, plastic bag usage and energy savings.

What can I do if my local store does not stock my favourite grocery product, wine or beer?
It is Ritchies' policy to meet the specific needs of our customers. Ask your local store manager to find out if the product is readily available in the market place. If it is available, we will source it and stock it with pleasure.

What is Ritchies' most important asset?
You are! If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we can serve you better, please click here to e-mail your ideas.