Ritchies Testimonials

Animal Aid Protection Society

Rotary Club Griffiths

The Animal Aid Protection Society (AAPS) was first incorporated in 1972 to address the need for an animal shelter in the South Eastern region of Melbourne, Victoria. The shelter handles mainly dogs and cats and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or re-home them to good homes.

AAPS is a community-based, non-government, not-for-profit organisation, which relies upon volunteers and community support for both the Animal Shelter and its five Opportunity Shops which provide essential financial support for the Shelter.

AAPS is committed to achieving its Charter which is "to work for the aid, assistance, protection and welfare of all animals".

Although most animals in our care are dogs and cats we accept ALL animals including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, mice, rabbits and other domesticated animals.

Pictured is the Cat Retirement House with Penny Sayer, Community Benefit Promotions Officer and Ben Vandenberg and his family presenting a plaque on behalf of Ritchies.