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Animal Tracks

Animal tracks

Our Native Wildlife needs your help!

“Animal Tracks are currently running a sanctuary for the native wildlife and are in the process of opening it up to the public. Our sanctuary is to promote conservation and preservation of wildlife.

We are involved in trying to preserve endangered species such as the Eastern Quoll, Woma Python and we are working on setting up facilities to help out with the Tasmanian Devil problem. We also take care of sick or injured wildlife at our sanctuary and we run educational courses to teach and inform people how to care for wildlife that has been injured. The donations from Ritchies would help us set up proper fencing and housing facilities that the animals need.

Donations also help us with feeding the animals and providing medical help to the ones that need it and general maintenance of these animals. We hope that we can open the sanctuary to people so that they can come and experience these animals and see how we care for them.

If you would like to help Andrew and Steph look after our native wildlife, you can nominate Animal Tracks to receive a donation through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Animal Track's CB No. is 81636

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