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Asthma Foundation of Queensland

Asthma is sometimes overlooked as a serious health concern, yet it affects one in ten Australians—and one in six of our children. Asthma seriously affects the lives of 500,000 people and their families—in Queensland alone. The latest statistics show asthma takes at least one life each day in Australia, often targeting the youngest or oldest members of our families.

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How does the foundation aim to cut asthma's impact in our communities?

  • Give funding directly to world-class medical research projects in Queensland.
  • Boost new careers in asthma research with an important PhD scholarship program.
  • Provide free, practical asthma health information, education and workshops to the public.
  • Actively promote asthma health and safety within schools state-wide.
  • Provide asthma-specific training for health professionals.
  • Work with a commitment to making the world safer for all people suffering from asthma.

Operating from its heritage-listed headquarters in Fortitude Valley, the Asthma Foundation of Queensland employs over 45 people and is supported by an amazing team of volunteers. The foundation has been working to help asthma sufferers for 45 years.

The support of thousands of generous financial donors across the state—and of community-minded organisations like Ritchies Stores—makes our work possible. Although the asthma statistics are frightening, and have worsened in recent years, we believe the future is bright. This optimism is fuelled by the passion we see in Queensland's researchers, educators, health workers and charity supporters. On behalf of all people affected by asthma—we send a sincere thank-you to Ritchies Stores and Ritchies' customers. Our CB number is: 99303.