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The Austin Research Institute
Austin Centre

The Austin Research Institute is a leading Australian medical research institute committed to researching new treatments for diseases that affect the health of men, women and children in our community.

Their major areas of medical research include: Cancer - breast, prostate, ovarian, lung, colon; Infection - malaria, rotavirus, SARS; Inflammation - arthritis, lupus, kidney inflammation, multiple sclerosis; Transplantation - organ transplantation and diabetes. Research at the Austin Research Institute uses the most recent advances in genetic structural biology and immunology, which are designed to:

  • Further the knowledge and contribution to medical research
  • Discover new ways of detecting and eradicating disease
  • Assist society by generating new treatments which will ultimately reduce health costs for the future
  • Translate laboratory research with clinical trials

By translating research from bench to bedside the Austin Research Institute is working towards generating better medicines sooner.
If you would like to assist with this Research for Life nominate The Austin Research Institute (CB No: 90124) when you apply for your Ritchies Community Benefit Card and present your card to the cashier every time you shop.