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The Australian Conservation Foundation

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The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is committed to inspiring people to achieve a healthy environment forall Australians. For 40 years we have been a strong voice for the environment, promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships. We work with the community, business and government to protect, restore and sustain our environment.

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Our conservation programs include: Climate Change, Northern Australia (Indigenous focus), biodiversity conservation andsustainable landscapes, protection for our rivers including the Murray River, forest conservation, GreenHome, marine and our Asia Pacific campaign (currently focussing on Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste).

Since 1966, we have focussed on the most important and urgent environmental problems, seeking change with lasting political, economic and social support. ACF has played a key role in increasing protection for some of Australia's most outstanding natural assets including the Franklin River, Kakadu, the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier. Our work with governments, industry groups and the general community has yielded many achievements, including:

ACF tackles Climate Change with Al Gore

waterfallOur greatest challenge in 2006 was the issue that affects not only Australia's environment, but humanity's very ability to survive - climate change. As we have seen from the recent interest in the press, momentum is building all over the world to take action on the urgent issue of climate change. ACF is at the forefront of this welcome and long overdue movement and has been working in partnership with former US Vice President Al Gore to train Australians to educate their local communities about the reality of climate change.

In November 2006 a special group of 85 people from across Australia were selected by ACF to be personally trained by Al Gore to deliver the powerful climate change presentation featured in Academy Award® winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. These presenters have each committed to deliver a minimum of 10 presentations over the course of the next 12 months. This will carry the climate change message to tens of thousands of Australians from many different regions and walks of life. If you would like to find our more about climate change and receive a free ACF Climate Change Action Kit, visit www.acfonline.org.au/climatechange

The wonderful successes we achieved for Australia's environment simply wouldn't have been possible without the support of companies such as Ritchies. Thank you to all the Ritchies customers for choosing to support ACF!

For more information visit www.acfonline.org.au