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Australian Pain Management Association

The Australian Pain Management Association (APMA)

APMA is a health promotion charity providing support for sufferers of persistent (chronic) pain. APMA is head-quartered in Brisbane, where it is the only consumer health association for sufferers of persistent pain in Queensland, but welcomes members and supporters from all States and Territories in Australia. The organisation was established in 2009 in response to the need for improved and accessible information and services for people living with persistent pain, and to provide community support sufferers, their carers and families.

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APMA community support and services currently includes:

  • Pain Link helpline 1300 340 357
  • Pain Support Groups
  • Wellbeing magazine, quarterly
  • community education for developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles for people with persistent pain
  • Website and email information and support at www.painmanagement.org.au
  • Public speaking on persistent pain and its management
  • Lobbying for improved health services;
  • Lobbying for affordable safe and effective treatment options.

What is the impact of persistent pain on individuals?

Sufferers experience significant economic disadvantage as a result of persistent pain. The burden in terms of suffering and lifestyle impacts attributed to persistent pain is high. In addition to the daily pain, common adverse physical and psychological effects of chronic pain include:

  • insomnia
  • adverse drug effects such as nausea, dizziness, loss of concentration
  • disability, difficulty undertaking home duties, social and leisure activities
  • loss of employment, underemployment, interference with work
  • family and relationship disruption
  • psychological distress eg anxiety and depression
  • physical deconditioning eg muscle wasting, joint stiffening
  • premature death and suicide

If you want more information about persistent pain for yourself, or for a family member or friend, please visit our website at www.painmanagement.org.au or contact Pain Link on 1300 340 357. And please, help us to help others struggling with this insidious disease by nominating APMA as your nominated charity on your Ritchies Community Benefit Card.

Our Community Benefit number is 81591.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Carrigan

Secretary and CEO