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Australian Prostate Cancer Research

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Australian Prostate Cancer Research

Australian Prostate Cancer Research is a national research organisation that partners with leading institutions to develop, fund and deliver national research programs. We are committed and driven to discover the killer cause in prostate cancer, improve patient outcomes and educate people on all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and patient care, thereby empowering men and their families. Australian Prostate Cancer Research addresses what some cancer streams already have; a national, collaborative research organisation that conducts and delivers national research programs across all areas of prostate cancer, right across Australia.

The Facts of Prostate Cancer

  • Australia has the highest incidence of prostate cancer in the world - 1 in 4 men diagnosed by age 85
  • Prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer does women
  • Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed non-skin cancer in the country, costing taxpayers over $200m annually.

If you would like to help raise funds for this life saving research, their CB number is 82331.