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Berwick CFA

Thanks from Berwick CFA

Berwick CFA

Many local organisations including the Berwick Fire Brigade have benefited from the generous support of the Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Berwick Fire Brigade Captain Alan Boyd and 1st Lieutenant Peter Obeth this week presented Ritchies IGA Berwick supermarket manager Glenn Borchard with a thank you plaque.

“The Berwick Fire Brigade has been receiving donations from Ritchies through the Community Benefit Program for 10 years”

“In this time over $23,000 has been donated to the brigade thanks to shoppers nominating Berwick CFA through the program.”

“Over the years the donations have been used to purchase specialised fire fighting equipment.”

“As the brigade prepares for a long, hot summer recent donations have been used to buy new specialised hose nozzles for aggressively attacking wildfire from the brigade's 4WD tanker whilst allowing maximum control over the amount of water used.”
“We thank Ritchies for their continued support and generosity through the Community Benefit Program.”

“We also thank the many Ritchies shoppers who have nominated the Berwick Fire Brigade as their program recipient.”
“Anyone who does not currently have a Community Benefit card or key tag can obtain one from Ritchies and we urge them to nominate us.”

Their CB number is 93915.