Ritchies Testimonials

Camperdown Sports Stadium

“Thanks to the Ritchies IGA Community Benefits Program, the Camperdown Community is $13,000 closer to reaching their goal of raising enough money to build a new sports stadium.

Our aim is to raise $500,000 and to date our very generous community has contributed $470,000. Through the Ritchies Community Benefits Program we are currently receiving approximately $1,000 per month, this amount is ongoing and once our stadium is complete this monthly donation will help with our running costs.

In just 12 months Ritchies have donated over $13,000 to our appeal, I urge all communities to register NOW at their local Ritchies IGA and help their nominated organisations with their fundraising.

It is my belief that too many customers do not have or use a Community Benefits card because they think it actually adds to their grocery bill. This is not the case. Whether you choose to use a Community Benefits card or not will not affect your grocery bill, the only loser if you don’t is your local community.

Just think if 100% of customers used a Community benefits card instead of just 50 %, then our Stadium Appeal could have already banked over $26,000. On behalf of our Stadium Appeal Committee and the Camperdown Community, thankyou to Ritchies IGA and thankyou to all those loyal customers who have helped our appeal by simply producing their card with every purchase.”