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Choir of Hard Knocks


The Choir of Hard Knocks is an eclectic group of disadvantaged and homeless people who have come together to create an unlikely musical phenomenon. This group of around 50 men and women have come together under the leadership of Founding Choir Director Jonathon Welch, former Opera Australia Principal. With his guidance and expertise they have beaten the odds, performed to 1600 people at Melbourne Town Hall, released their first CD "From the Heart - A Christmas Wish" and now appear regularly around Melbourne at corporate and community events. The TV series documenting their journey so far has been shown on ABC TV. The Choir's aim is to bring people together, build their confidence and enable them to contribute to their community in a positive way, but also to have fun.

By using your free Ritchies Community Benefit card nominating the “Choir of Hard Knocks” you can help raise the money to encourage homeless and destitute people to achieve a better life. Their CB number is 94270.