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Clean Ocean and Ritchies - A local partnership

The COF crew sending off a 20 foot shipping container full of aid items to the island of Simulue after the recent tsunami crisis.

As a community oriented organisation, the Clean Ocean Foundation is proud to be associated with the Ritchies benefit scheme. Clean Ocean is a non-profit environmental organisation, who is working tirelessly to close ocean outfalls around the Australian coastline.

The Problem

Every day, 450 million litres of sewage is discharged from the outfall pipe at Gunnamatta -our community is forced to swim in a mixture of domestic, industrial and trade waste. Our marine environment is becoming increasingly tarnished and we are denied access to a supply of recycled water which should be far in excess of the meagre excuse that we are offered at present.

The Solution

With assistance from the good people and shoppers of Ritchies supermarkets, we can continue to apply pressure to State and Federal governments to upgrade water treatment facilities and recycle the precious resource that the government is currently throwing away - in the middle of major drought!

“Ritchies continues to be a shining example to all other supermarkets - not to mention businesses in general. Their support has aided us to run education programs in our local schools, provide our community with water saving and conservation advice and bring the residents of the Mornington Peninsula and Victoria together - united in a desire for our beaches to remain a world class beauty.”

Angus Smith CEO

Check out our website www.cleanocean.org