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Coeliac Society

Coeliac Australia – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland

We would like to thank Ritchies for their generous Community Benefit Program.

Ritchies’ customers can assist us raise funds for Coeliac Victoria and Tasmania; or, Coeliac NSW/ACT or; Coeliac Queensland by using your Community Benefits Card when shopping at Ritchies IGA in your area.

Coeliac Australia is a national not-for-profit association, comprising five state organisations supporting people with coeliac disease.

Our vision is:  To enhance the quality of life of people with coeliac disease and those medically diagnosed as requiring a gluten free diet for life and to support research towards a cure or other ethical forms of treatment.

If undiagnosed, eating gluten containing foods causes a reduction of the surface area of the small bowel which can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Inflammation also results in problems that can affect the bones, joints, skin and other organs, such as the liver and brain.

Today there is no cure!  The only current treatment involves a lifelong and strict avoidance of gluten in the diet which leads to healing of the bowel and better health.

We provide various pathways to network with other people in the same situation such as support group meetings, social media forums and regular news. 

In most States of Australia, those medically diagnosed with requiring a gluten free diet can visit the support centre to receive face to face information from experienced staff and volunteers.

Membership is an important tool in adapting a gluten free lifestyle.

Membership provides a great range of resources in the new member kit as well as ongoing updates of research and resources.

Ritchies IGA stores have a great range of gluten free foods to purchase.

For more information:

Online:  www.coeliac.org.au

Phone: 1300 458 836

You can nominate the your State’s Coeliac organisation when you apply for your free Community Benefit Card at any Ritchies store.

CB NO: 94214 (VIC); 97120 (NSW); 81064 (QLD)