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Diamond Creek Fire Brigade
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The smoke has cleared for Diamond Creek Fire Brigade

Thanks to funds donated by the Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Program, Diamond Creek Fire Brigade now has one of the latest generation Thermal Imaging Cameras. As one of only 15 Thermal Imaging Cameras in a Victorian Fire Station, the device has restored sight to local firefighters working in dangerous situations. It literally allows our firefighters to see through smoke, the number one killer in building fires.

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It detects the infra red radiation given off by all objects and people and means we can now see through all smoke. Where it used to take us minutes to search a smoke filled house, now it will take only seconds - and it's these seconds that count when a life's at stake. It also allows us to find the seat of the fire far more quickly and to more efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of our hose streams. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of firefighting. I have no doubt that this camera will help us save lives in Diamond Creek and also make the workplace for our 60 volunteer firefighters safer. It is easily the best piece of firefighting equipment that I have ever seen.”

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“We couldn't have purchased this equipment without the help of the Diamond Creek Community through the Ritchies' IGA Community Benefit Program. For those who shop at Ritchies IGA and have chosen our Brigade as the fund recipient, 0.05% of their weekly shopping value has been donated to the Brigade. It doesn't sound like a lot but every little bit helps… and, over time, it does add up!

It's the best fundraising concept ever because it requires no extra work on the part of our already very busy volunteers. We are truly grateful to all those who support our Brigade through the Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

If the present level of support from our community continues we hope to purchase a further three cameras in the next few years…we now want all of our appliances to be equipped with a thermal imaging camera.”