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Edgar's Mission


Edgar's Mission is a not for profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals set on 60 peaceable acres in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range at Willowmavin near Kilmore in Victoria. Established by Pam Ahern in 2004 this is a sanctuary with a difference. It is home to rescued pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, goats, calves, ducks, horses and an assortment of cats and dogs. The outreach programs of the mission aim to expand the public's circle of compassion to encompass all animals.

“I have held a life-long commitment to the welfare of animals but the idea of Edgar's Mission really started with a campaign to highlight the plight of factory farmed pigs. In terms of animal suffering, it is farm animals whose sheer numbers far outweigh all others.” said Pam.

The sanctuary is named after Edgar Alan Pig, the first pig resident of the Mission. “It has been through watching how people respond to meeting this delightful character that I realized the best advocates for farm animals were the animals themselves. Each and every animal here at the Mission is a unique individual, all not only having a life of their own but a life worth living, a life that has meaning and purpose. In a nation that cares deeply about animal welfare sadly farm animals fall through gaps in our animal protection legislation. One of the aims of Edgar's Mission is to empower people so that they are aware that they have the power to determine how these animals live through the choices they make in their lives” says Pam.


Edgar's Mission is a wonderful place to visit. A “kindness trail” meanders through the property and incorporates photos of the residents with stories of how they came to live at the mission. This is contrasted with images and facts about animal based industries and there are inspirational quotes from some of the finest human minds which serve to inspire and empower people whilst at the same time challenging long held beliefs that many have simply inherited and never really thought about.

Among the numerous residents at the sanctuary is ‘Alice' a one time factory farmed pig, who became a movie star. Alice played the mother of Wilbur in the Paramount Pictures production of E B White's classic "Charlotte's Web. Prior to her movie debut all Alice had ever known was confinement, never knowing the touch of human kindness. Visitors can now meet Alice and the other residents of Edgar's Mission. Admittance is free but visitors are asked to telephone Pam first to arrange a tour.

“By shopping at Ritchie's and nominating Edgar's Mission shoppers can help contribute to the care and well being of these animals and ensure that they enjoy rich and full lives as nature intended” said Pam. The CB number for Edgars Mission is 99517.

For more information please telephone Pam 0408 397 301 or visit www.edgarsmission.org.au