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Edithvale Fire Brigade

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Firstly on behalf of the Edithvale Volunteer Fire Brigade I would like to thank Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd, in particular Aspendale Gardens store on the Community Benefit Scheme. This scheme has allowed the Brigade to undertake projects and update equipment that would not of been possible without the financial assistance the scheme provides, and the Brigade is extremely appreciative. Edithvale Fire Brigade has received over 83,152.93 to date (end May 2011). Some of this money was used for two major projects.

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It enable and assisted us to undertake Stage 1 of the Fire Station Renovation which was proposed at approx $40,000.00, the station had not undergone any capital works since it was built by the members in 1969, The station was in need of upgrades and modification to enable us to meet current requirements, including new training rooms, offices and workshops. To date the stage 1 renovations are complete and now we are looking to undertake stage 2.

Another project Community Scheme Funds were used was for the upgrade of lighting and generators on the Brigade owned Salvage Fire Truck. This truck is called upon anywhere in our region, and if need be, anywhere in the state, it carries lighting and generators, salvage equipment including wet/dry vacuum cleaners, chain saws, petrol driven metal saws, flooding pumps, overhaul -salvage and property protection equipment.

The Generators on the vehicle were old, heavy units, requiring up to 5 people to deploy, wasting time and resources and new smaller and more efficient generators were sought.

With the Community Benefit Scheme this enabled us to purchase:

  • 2 new Honda 2.6KVA Generators
  • 6 High tower light stands
  • 2 Base mount lights and leads
  • 16 Tower lights

This amounted to over $6,000.00 in equipment that has already been used countless times for scene lighting at fires and incidents as well as training.

The Brigade has found the Community Benefit scheme to be very rewarding and successful and allowed us to undertake projects that would not of been possible without scheme. The Brigade also appreciates and thanks the community support it receives with this program.


Andy Sneikus
1st Lieutenant
Manager Finance and Administration
Edithvale Fire Brigade