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Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria

The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria

Thank you to all the customers who have nominated the Epilepsy Foundation and thank you to Ritchies for this great program. The Epilepsy Foundation has received over $40,409.00 to date (end May 2011) which has been used to support our counselling programs for people living with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria is the major epilepsy crisis service dealing with in epilepsy in this state. We are there when people are in crisis - and continue to stand by them for as long as we are needed. On current estimates, that means not only providing support to the estimated 142,000 Victorians who will have epilepsy by the age of 70, but also to their families and friends, in excess of 500,000 people.

Pam & Elaine, Cranbourne Op Shop volunteers

By nominating the Epilepsy Foundation or having family and friends nominate us you are helping us make a difference. You can help us in another way, it is simple and easy to do … Our goal is to have at least one person in every household and business in Australia understand the appropriate first aid to give to someone having a seizure. You can be that person! Maybe you just want to know more about epilepsy. Call 1300 852 853 for a first aid pack or go to www.epinet.org.au

Other Ways You Can Help

The Epilepsy Foundation raises about 80% of the money it needs to fund its services through donations and fundraising activities. YOU can add to your efforts when shopping with Ritchies by helping us in other ways.

Do you have epilepsy and need help? Call 1300 852 853.

Would you like to find out more about epilepsy? Visit our website www.epinet.org.au

Opportunity shops - volunteer (ring David 0425 799 414) or donate goods (collection service 0425 799 415). Our shops are located Blackburn, East Kew, Parkdale and Cranbourne.

Make a donation - ring 1300 852 853 or Click Here to go to the web page. Raise funds to help - ring 1300 852 853 or Click Here to go to the web page.

Their CB numbers: 90768 (Vic), 91330 (NSW) and 99310 (QLD).