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Fight Cancer Foundation (the marketing arm of the Bone Marrow Donor Institute) established the program Fight Cancer Back on Track in 2005, which supports Australian children living with cancer to re-connect to their schools, teachers and peers. 800 Australian children a year are diagnosed with cancer.

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Treatment and recovery can last two years or longer. Patients can become isolated from their schools and their mates. Unless they are able to continue their schooling during these times, they will drop a class level or more on return. This impedes their social, emotional and physical development.

With Back on Track, they stay in touch - their education continues, and because they have regular contact with their mates, any change in appearance - such as hair loss or weight gain - appears gradual. They have a smoother integration back into school on return and have a positive focus during treatment.

This program operates at the Royal Children's Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and at the Children's Hospital Westmead in Sydney. It will be expanded to Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, Randwick Children's Hospital in Sydney, John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and further to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

Our annual major fundraiser is Footy Colours Day on Friday September 4, 2009 - AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, Soccer & more - the opportunity to wear your favourite footy colours and donate to help the Back on Track program.

For more details and other fun ideas - please call 03 9342 7888 or visit www.fightcancer.org.au

Fight Cancer Foundation Achievements

  • Fight Cancer Foundation (formerly Bone Marrow Donor Institute) was established in 1989 and set up the Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Currently, 150,000 Australians are registered and the internationally-linked Registry has provided transplants to more than 1800 leukaemia and cancer patients in Australia and overseas.
  • BMDI Cord Blood Bank, together with the National Cord Blood Bank, has collected, frozen and stored more than 8000 cord blood units from umbilical cords and placentas which have provided transplants to 500 patients in Australia and overseas.
  • Bone Marrow Research Laboratories on campus at Royal Melbourne Hospital work to find a cure for leukaemia and other cancers of the blood.
  • BMDI Rotary House has 13 self-contained apartments for patients with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and their families from regional Victoria, interstate and overseas.
  • Fight Cancer House in Hobart is a 20 bed accommodation house for patients and their families who need to travel to Hobart for treatment.

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If you would like to help the work of the Fight Cancer Appeal, their CB no's are as follows:

92396 (Vic)

91543 (NSW)

81303 (Qld)