Ritchies Testimonials

Frankston Hospital

Frankston Hospital says thanks to Ritchies!

2004/2005 saw a $3.4 million redevelopment of Frankston Hospitals Radiology Department.

Once completed, it will improve clinician and patient access to advance medical imaging technology in addition to expanding and modernising the work environment.

The enhanced facilities will include:

  1. An additional X-ray room
  2. An additional ultrasound room and equipment
  3. Siting of the newly purchased DSA/Digital Fluoroscopy equipment into a purposely designed interventional suite.
  4. Improved reporting and staff facilities
  5. Improved patient facilities
  6. Siting of a new Multi-slice (16 slice) CT adjacent to the Emergency Department
  7. Improved workflow in facilities better designed to meet expanding demand.

Text Box:  Bert Thorbecke, Manager of Radiology and Scott Cribbs, CT Supervisor, with a CT scanner that will be relocated as part of the expansion

Frankston Hospital has received over $63,000.00 from Ritchies Community Benefit Program. You can help raise funds for Frankston Hospital by using your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card at any of our supermarkets or liquor stores. Their CB Number is 90188.

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