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Partnership Benefits Health Service

Pictured in the Emergency Department surrounded by items purchased with the support of Ritchies and the Friends
of the Central Gippsland Health Service are, from left at back, nurse Rosalie Walker and group members Amanda Duck,
Verna Pilgrim,  Emergency Department Nurse Unit Manager Louise Vuillermin, and Iris Mitchell, while in front are Carmel
McManus, Ritchies Store manager at Maffra Colleen Phillips, and Elva Doolan-Jones.

Ritchies Store Manager at Maffra, Colleen Phillips, presented a plaque to commemorate its relationship with the Friends of Gippsland Health Service, which has seen donations in excess of $63,800 in the past few years.

Under the Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program a percentage of the money spent by Ritchies customers is donated to charity.

Locally, the Friends of Central Gippsland Health Service, formerly known as the GBH Auxiliary, has been one of the long term beneficiaries of the program.

The group supports the Health Service through the purchase of various items of equipment, one of the most recent being $20,000 for a range of equipment in the Emergency Department. The equipment included two emergency unit trolleys with IV poles and over bed tables, which cost some $8,000 each, and two ENT sets, including wall mounted monitoring systems.

Ms Phillips said it has been a wonderful partnership.

“Obviously many people are supportive of the work the Friends of Central Gippsland Health Service undertake and through that group the vital role of the Health Service,” she said.

“Those members of the community have nominated the Health Service, through the Friends, as their preferred charity. It gives all of us at Ritchies a thrill to see the community benefits that our program provides, especially the tangible and practical items that help people needing emergency care.”

Friends of Central Gippsland Health Service President, Elva Doolan-Jones, thanked Ritchies for its continuing support. “We raise money in a number of ways but the Ritchies donations provide a regular source of funds that we can allocate to equipment needed at the Health Service.”

If you would like to help Gippsland Hospital, you can nominate Friends of Central Gippsland Health Service when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card.

Their CB number is 94523.