Ritchies Testimonials

Hanwood Primary School

Hanwood Primary School says thanks to Ritchies!

Hanwood Primary School

Paul Sweeney, Principal of Hanwood Primary School wrote “Hanwood Primary School appreciates the generous donations that Ritchies IGA in Griffith Central provides.”

“Our school has found the extra funds to be critical in supporting both of our Literacy and Numeracy programs at the school.”

“Funds provided by Ritchies IGA are channeled into purchasing resources in both our 'Accelerated Literacy' and 'Count Me in Too' programs. These programs provide children with the opportunity to be extended and assisted in the curriculum. To date, these programs have produced excellent results and Ritchies IGA have assisted our school with their generous contribution.”

Pictured are Marisa Atkinson, Store Manager with Gaynor Castellaro (Assistant Principal) and her daughters, Ella and Ava who are students at the school.