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Heany Park Primary School

Heany Park


Technology is alive and well at Heany Park Primary School. The school recently established a 30 PC computer lab early in 2008 with Acer Veriton S460 computers, digital web cameras and the latest software. Students across the school now attend regular ICT specialist lessons with their classroom teacher. This room has been well received by the students, teachers and the school community. The establishment of the ICT Learning Centre was assisted by funds distributed from the IGA Community Benefits Program. In particular, the funds were used to provide the furniture, awnings, wiring and security for the room.

The 21st Century demands new approaches to learning, and we need to ensure that today's students are adequately prepared for an ever-changing digital environment. It is the role of teachers and schools to equip students for this life through a technology-rich experience at school, where students and teachers don't just learn about technology, they use it to achieve powerful learning and teaching outcomes. This has been achieved through the establishment of a new computer lab and the replacement of computers across the school at Heany Park Primary School.

Prior to 2008, the school had a number of computers between two classrooms, which made it difficult to train students and teachers to use ICT tools. Some of the equipment was reaching the end of it's working life. The School Council approved the leasing of 130 new computers for the school, including 30 for the ICT Learning Centre. Each computer pod between the classrooms now houses 6 new computers, and the ICT Learning Centre or lab is now equipped with the state of the art technology and a range of excellent software. The lab is fully timetabled throughout the week and involves a comprehensive program conducted by ICT specialist Mrs. Lisa Hill (pictured with the current ICT captains Jonathan and Gabrial). Already students have been learning how to use such programs as Kahootz 3, Kid Pix Deluxe 4, Expression Web for web page design and are learning to use blogs, wikis and emails. The school has a comprehensive Cyber Safety program to encourage all staff, students and the community to be Cyber Smart when using the internet. The SuperClubs Plus web site in particular, which was a State Government initiative, has been a hit with the Year 3 and 4 students in learning how to be safe on the internet as it is free of cost for this group.

The new ICT Learning Centre hopes to embark upon profiling digital movie making across the school with the use of digital movie cameras and video editing software. Heany Park Primary School is now showing the potential of ICT to enable powerful teaching and learning with the establishment of the ICT Learning Centre. See our school web site at www.heanyparkps.vic.edu.au and click on the ICT Learning Centre link to learn more about our school program.

Thank you to Ritchies IGA for forwarding the funds from the Community Benefits Program - as staff and students are now more equipped for life in the 21st century!

Lisa Hill - ICT specialist 2009.