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Help for Wildlife

Help for Wildlife needs your help!

South Gippsland Animal Aid

Help for Wildlife is a 24 Hour State-wide Wildlife emergency Service which is a voluntary, community based, non-profit, non-political organization established in 1995 to assist with distressed wildlife on all levels. Help for Wildlife serves to encourage greater understanding and respect for the needs of wildlife and actively seeks solutions to wildlife problems.

The rescue unit is on constant standby to attend wildlife emergencies such as Bushfires, Oil spills, and Floods. Road accidents, mine shafts, koalas injured by family pets, a big kangaroo rescued from a river, lizards, echidnas, possums, snakes, owls and ducks - the stories are endless.

Check their web site to find out more on www.helpforwildlife.com

They need blankets, bedding and food for these injured animals. The best way to help them is to nominate Help for Wildlife when

apply for your Community Benefit Card at ANY Ritchies supermarket or liquor store.

Their CB number is 91522.