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Hunter Region Landcare Network

Shopping to help our Farmers and our Environment with Hunter Region Landcare Network and Richie’s IGA

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United we can find and provide solutions to create a sustainable future for our children.

What is Landcare?

Landcare is the activity that groups of volunteers do to care for our land and water. It is a fun, social activity that has something to offer everyone.

Groups form on farms, at schools, in cities and on beaches. Landcare includes a wide variety of activities, depending on what the local group wants to do with the environment and associated problems.

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They can be groups of farmers, groups of neighbours in a bushland area, or a whole town. They may be students wanting a school project to work on, or surfers looking after a coastal dune or an existing community group who are prepared to spend a little spare time on a local environmental problem.

Landcare and its partners work together in improving our farmlands, carrying out urban remedial action, rehabilitating and managing our river system, bringing back trees and wildlife and building healthy and productive communities.

Who is the Hunter Region Landcare Network (HRLN)?

We provide support, advice, advocacy and funding to Landcare Groups, and individual Landcarers throughout the Hunter Region.
HRLN can connect you with Landcare groups and Landcare individuals to provide a wide range of experiences, expertise and local knowledge in many areas of natural resource management.

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The Hunter Region Landcare Network aims to improve natural resource management through community involvement.
Visit us at www.hunterlandcare.org.au

The Hunter Region has over 400 Landcare Groups registered with Landcare NSW, accounting for 22% of the groups in NSW.

If you would like to help this vital work, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is: 81650.