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Maffra Primary School

Maffra Primary School says thanks for Ritchies Community Benefit Program!

Maffra Primary School

Pictured are Parents Club President, Sue Poynton, Principal, Chet Dervish, and Mike Richards from Ritchies.

Maffra Primary School Principal, Chet Dervish says thanks to Ritchies and those customers who have nominated the school to receive donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

He said “ The funds have provided a tremendous boost to literacy and numeracy resources in the school. We have been able to purchase a significant number of additional computers. The donations have also been used to fully equip a Cookery Centre which was established and is maintained by our Parents Club.”

Maffra Primary School has received over $62,000 to date from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Is your school getting the full benefit of donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program?