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Mount Eliza Primary School

Mount Eliza Primary School says 'Thanks'

Mt Eliza Group

The Community Benefit Card Program offered through Ritchies Store has provided our school with substantial funds over the last 15 years.

Through our community members acquiring and using the Community Benefit Cards, points are credited to the school that result in donations being made to us from the store.

Ritchie's Store Manager Rob Moore and Community Benefit Promotions Officer, Penny Sayer, visited Mount Eliza Primary School to present a giant cheque representing the $71,585.66 (end November 2009) total of money donated by Ritchies over the last 15 years. We thank Ritchies Store and all of our community members who have supported MEPS by using the Community Benefit Cards.

If you would like to nominate Mount Eliza Primary School, their CB number is 90101.