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Symptoms of MS
Symptoms may include: extreme tiredness (fatigue), impaired vision, loss of balance and muscle coordination, slurred speech, tremors, stiffness, bladder and bowel problems, difficulty walking, short-term memory loss, and in severe cases, partial or complete paralysis.

Services & support for people living
Newly Diagnosed
For anyone newly diagnosed with MS it can be a worrying and confusing time. The MS Society provides numerous programs and servies for all who are affected by a diagnosis of MS, including family and friends.

Access to information and support
Face to face, email and telephone support is available via our team of trained health professional. They can answer questions, provide reassurance and put people in touch with appropriate support services.

Have any medical questions?
The MS Society can help people with MS to find appropriate health and medical services such as specialists and local clinics. In addition, medical questions can be answered via our ‘Ask the Doctor' email service or by contacting us directly.

Families need support too
To help manage the emotional and practical impact of MS of family relations, we offer a range of programs and resources for families and can provide useful links to relevant community support services.

Improving health and wellbeing
Through a choice of programs, people with MS can learn about managing stress and fatigue, heat sensitivity, exercise, nutrition, memory, thinking and dealing with change.

Managing immunotherapy medications
Out MS specialist nurses are available to help individuals to self-administer their treatments. Out nurses also provide information and support to those who are considering using immunotherapy medications.

Lifestyle assessment and planning
For people with MS who wish to improve their wellbeing, our multidisciplinary team of health professionals can develop a personalised plan to help manage symptoms and enhance lifestyle.

Connecting with other living with MS
The MS Society provides opportunities across both NSW and Victoria to share experiences and information through its increasing popular peer support programs and online chat faculties.

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How to support us
We warmly welcome your support, whether it is participating in one of our exciting events, becoming one of our valuable volunteers or making a donation. Another easy way to help is by nominating MS as the beneficiary of a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

CB Numbers: 90090 (Vic); 99741 (NSW - Port Macquarie); 99315 (Qld); 90697 (NSW); 97478 (NSW - Coffs Harbour).

Your contribution will help people with MS to optimise their opportunities, to be connected, to belong, to blossom and thrive to their full potential, and to give them hope for better solutions, improved treatments and ultimately, a cure.