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Mt Waverley SES

Ritchies - Where Mt Waverley SES benefits!

South Gippsland Animal Aid

From left to right: Siska Waddington, Ritchies Staff member Stewart and Cameron Shepherdly.

Over the last two and half years the Waverley SES has received nearly $14,000 of donations through the support of Ritchies IGA Mount Waverley and the local community. Siska Waddington of the SES discusses the importance of the money donated through Ritchies' Community Benefit Scheme, "as a volunteer organisation the support generated through the Ritchies' and the community has been of great use to SES. The funds have been used for a range of purposes including the purchase of new equipment such as chainsaws and power tools. The Waverley SES is now seeking funds to fit out their third rescue truck (shown above) with equipment that will enable it to become fully operational. The SES would like to thank the Monash community and Ritchies IGA Mount Waverley for their generous support.

"Many Ritchies' stores throughout the State proudly support their local SES. The SES is a great organisation to support for residents who are no longer involved in other community groups as the work of the SES benefits the whole community", Penny Sayer, Community Benefit Promotion Officer.

You can nominate Waverley SES when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card.

Their CB number is 95183.