Ritchies Testimonials

Narre Community Learning Centre

Narre Community Learning Centre is gratefully for the support of over $10,000 to our community Neighbourhood Learning Centre. This money is supporting disadvantage members of our community to get a second chance.

  • Young families: Support equipment for our Funtime program - 3 yr old pre kinder group, our playgroups and our childcare facilities for parents who need a break.
  • Youth - Young teenagers who are falling through the school systems and disengaging from society. Helping them Get Into Life again with our activities for the young.
  • Seniors - Help keep them healthy and activity with - Share and Care Craft activities, fitness programs, strengthening exercises and support groups.
  • Non English Speaking program - Support the many multicultural people learn to speak English and learn to participate in our community.
  • Literacy - We are helping some 200 people per year improve their literacy standards. We believe it is a basic right to be able to read and write and we provide this service to ALL who need it.

Our community benefit card contributions are vitally important for our organisation to provide concessions on classes, activities and childcare, the resources for literacy classes, children and youth programs and our Seniors.

Last year many peoples lives were alternated because they had access to affordable learning, which meant a reduction in street kids, and graffiti, some 25 people who learnt to read, over 50 seniors who's health improved as a direct result of our activities.

Why not find out more on our web site: www.narreclc.net.au

We are a Community Learning Centre making a different to our disadvantaged members of our community. We are “Building our Community through support and Learning”

The Ritchies Community Benefit card represents an investment in the future of many disadvantaged people to help them change their lives by gaining new skills. What's that saying” If you give someone a fish …. If you teach them to fish they will be feed for a lifetime...” we are teaching people to “FISH”.