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Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Ritchies donates $25,000 to Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal


The Horn of Africa is being devastated by the most serious drought in over 60 years. Affecting Northern Kenya, Somalia and southern Ethiopia, millions of people are facing starvation in an ongoing food crisis that has been worsened by conflict, and rising food prices.

Over 12 million people are at risk and parts of Southern Somalia have already been declared a famine.
Oxfam is planning to reach 3 million people with clean water, food and basic sanitation. They are already helping many hundreds of thousands people with aid: drilling boreholes, cleaning and rehabilitating existing water supply points, providing safe sanitation and health promotion and vaccinating livestock.

Oxfam partners are now operating the single largest public health program in Somalia, providing clean water to 300,000 displaced Somalis in camps outside Mogadishu. Our partners also operate the largest therapeutic feeding program for children and mothers which admits 3,000 malnourished, dying children every week, the largest in Mogadishu.

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You can help raise funds for disasters such as the one in East Africa by nominating the Ritchies Emergency Relief Fund.

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