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Rice for Cambodia

Ritchies Community Benefit Card helps supply Rice for Cambodia!

“Rice for Cambodia” is an informal group of people from the Mornington Peninsula that raises money to help orphans in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It started in April 2004 following a holiday in Cambodia by 14 people, who thought that they would like to send help in a targeted way to two orphanages that they visited. They are not a big group but they do make a difference to the children they support.

“Les Enfants De Riziere” and “Wat Thmei (pagoda)” are two orphanages that support some 140 children between 3 and 16. In addition, the SCC (Salvation Centre) operates out of the Wat Thmei and is implementing an anti AIDs programme.

The Rice for Cambodia group have undertaken to supply the “Enfants de Riziere” orphanage with their ongoing rice supplies and they buy this locally (one ton per month costing about $300 per ton depending on local price at the time). They offered to do the same for the “Wat Thmei” orphanage but they preferred to try to get music and dancing lessons for some of the children. As Siem Reap is close to Angkor Wat, the main tourist attraction of Cambodia, they believe that it is better to equip the kids with skills that could be useful at the growing number of tourist hotels in Siem Reap. (The music tuition costs $1450 per year).

If you would like to help this small group of people who are already making a difference in the lives of the children in these two orphanages, you can apply for your free Community Benefit Card and nominate Rice for Cambodia on the application form. The CB number is 90037.