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Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal
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The tens of thousands of shoppers that make up the Ritchies Community Benefit program this year reached the $40 million mark in donations, putting them in the top 20 of major donors to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

“Ritchies may be an independent grocery chain with a David to Goliath relationship with the huge supermarket chains but our shoppers have shown David-like strength to raise this amount,” said Ritchies CEO Mr Fred Harrison.

The Community Benefit Card allows Ritchies to donate one per cent of the money spent by registered cardholders to a community cause of the shopper's choice, in this case the very worthy RCH Good Friday Appeal - at no extra expense to the shopper. Good Friday Appeal Director Christine Unsworth says, “The level of donations by Ritchies IGA places it within our top 20 major supporters, with its donations consistently rising each year."

“The efforts of Ritchies IGA and its loyal customers are very much appreciated by the Appeal.”


Ritchies' Community Benefit Program Co-ordinator Judy Rebecca hands over the 2009 cheque for $125,000 to the Good Friday Appeal, watched by Channel Seven's Mia Greaves.