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RSPCA Peninsula
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RSPCA Peninsula says thank you!

Ritchies and our loyal Community Benefit cardholders have helped us donate $488,541.05 to RSPCA Peninsula to date - end December 2006.

“Ritchies donations have helped us with many things throughout the shelter, including the building of small animal adoptions (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, etc) which will open later this year.

It has enabled us to reseal and upgrade dog adoption, including the building of four large breed dog pens, including anti-slip surfaces to make the building safer for the dogs, staff, and members of the public.

We have upgraded our cat adoption area, including jungle pens to give the cats space to run, jump and play, and to allow for better interaction with potential adopters; and we've been able to build a brand new cat quarantine building with its own isolation ward, enabling us to isolate cats with infectious diseases away from the general population, preventing the spread of disease and helping us to achieve better animal welfare outcomes.

Money has also been spent on vital equipment throughout the shelter, especially in the veterinary clinic, to enable us to better care for the animals in our care, but to also better care for privately owned animals, that then turn into profits in the veterinary clinic that can be directed to shelter animals.

Thank you to all our dedicated supporters.”

Carrie Mudge
Shelter Supervisor
RSPCA Peninsula

RSPCA Gippsland branch is endeavouring to follow in the paw prints of Peninsula Animal Aid branch by building a new veterinary clinic with money raised through Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program. It is currently receiving around $850 a month.

RSPCA Burwood

Ritchies Stores are one of RSPCA Victoria’s long time and valued supporters. Ritchies was established back in 1870, when Thomas Ritchie opened a grocery store in Frankston, with the intention of donating part of his profit back to the community. Ritchies is wholly Australian owned and are just as community minded today as they were when Thomas opened his first store. Ritchies Community Benefit Card donates 1% of the money spent in their stores each month to a club, school or charity of their choice and the RSPCA has benefited from this outstanding support since 1993.


The RSPCA would like to thank Ritchies Supermarkets for their generous support over many years. We are thrilled to announce Ritchies and our donors throughout Victoria who shop at Ritchies have raised over $140,000 in the last financial year and more than $963,318.94 (end December 2006) across Victoria since our partnership began in 1993!

If you would like to be a part of this rewarding way of supporting RSPCA, ask for a Community Benefit Card at your local Ritchies Supermarket to give the RSPCA that little extra gift. The RSPCA says a big thank you to Ritchies Stores.

"The RSPCA is most grateful for the magnificent financial support given by Ritchies. Since the introduction of the program, Ritchies Stores have contributed over $300,000 to benefit all creatures great and small. Ritchies is an Australian owned store who recognises the needs of the community. RSPCA headquarters in Burwood East and our branches at Pearcedale and Gippsland are very appreciative of Ritchies whose motto is very appropriate - where the community benefits."
Maria Mercurio,
RSPCA Chief Executive Officer