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Scope is one of the largest providers of services to people with a disability in Victoria, and one of the largest not-for-profit organisations in Australia. Our mission is to support people with a disability to achieve their potential in welcoming and inclusive communities.

Starting in 1948 as the Spastic Children's Society of Victoria, today Scope's services include areas such as therapy and psychology, home and respite, day and lifestyles and employment services.

We are a sustainable organisation of which receives 81.5% of our funding through the State and Federal Government. The remainder of our funding is largely through fundraising.

Historically, people with a disability have had little say as to the organisation that services them. This environment is changing. Individualised funding is now empowering clients to make choices and Scope seeks to be the preferred provider. To achieve this Scope aims to deliver quality and responsive services for people with a disability.

For people with a disability

At Scope, we see people with a disability simply just as people. Scope seeks to understand who you are, to find out what matters most to you and support you to achieve it. We provide ‘Scope For People With A Disability' to live the lives that they choose. Through our world-class research, services, education, communication resources and advocacy, Scope is continually identifying better opportunities to support each person with a disability to:

  • Make decisions about their own life
  • Get the right job, not just any job
  • Choose where and who they live with
  • Enjoy full participation in their community of choice
  • Live out their equal rights

Scope has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a tax deductible gift recipient and for charity tax concessions ABN 63 004 280 871.

If you would like to help Scope, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is 90647.