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Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA)

You can help give the gift of independence!

Seeing Eye Dog

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA), is a national not-for-profit organisation, which for nearly fifty years, has enhanced the mobility and independence of blind or vision impaired people, by providing them with Seeing Eye Dogs free of charge. At SEDA, we make it easier for people who are blind or vision impaired to live and work independently. A Seeing Eye Dog allows a person to move more quickly and to navigate obstacles reliably and safely. A Seeing Eye Dog uses its own initiative to stop at roads and to move its owner out of harms way.

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Breeding and training Seeing Eye Dogs is both rewarding and challenging. But it takes more than just a cute face to become a working dog. It takes nearly two years and $30,000 to train each dog. SEDA does not receive any government funding - not one cent, so we rely solely on the generosity of the public. People like you can make the world of difference.

The Ritchies Community Benefit Card donates 1% of the money you spend to the organisation of your choice. If you nominate SEDA as your charity of choice, your donation will go towards the training of our special dogs.

For more information on our organisation, you can call 03 9381 6400 or visit www.seda.org.au
CB number: 98630.