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South Gippsland Animal Aid

South Gippsland Animal Aid says thanks to Ritchies!

South Gippsland Animal Aid

The Treasurer of South Gippsland Animal Aid, also known as Paws Galore wrote “Please accept our sincere thanks for the support which you have given us through your Community Benefit Scheme. The payments which you have made to us have been greatly appreciated and significantly help us to continue our work with homeless animals.

As you can imagine, fostering many dogs and hundreds of kittens every kitten season with the associated costs of veterinary care, feeding, kitty litter, cleaning, transport costs and the myriad other things involved in rehabilitating and finding new owners is an expensive process. Your regular contributions therefore have a real impact.

Even if we can't change the world, we can certainly make a difference.”

If you would like to help the South Gippsland Animal Aid their CB number is 93097.