Ritchies Testimonials

Timboon and District Healthcare Service

Timboon Health Care Service very much appreciates the support they receive from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

John Renyard, President of the Board of Management said “We are indeed fortunate that many members of the community have nominated Timboon and District Healthcare Service as the beneficiary of the Community Benefit Program.

The cumulative sum of $176,920.56 (end Dec 2010) since the introduction of the Community Benefit Program some seven or so years ago has been used to contribute to the purchase of major medical equipment and facilities upgrade assisting Timboon and District Health Service to provide a high standard of patient care for our local community.

Maintaining and replacing medical equipment is expensive. For example, last year together with a bequest and community donations and the funds from Ritchies, we were able to purchase new cardiac monitoring equipment at the total cost of $89,000. In previous years funds from Ritchies have assisted with the upgrade of the operating theatre with items such as a new operating theatre table (Total cost $61,244), new theatre lights (Total cost $20,250) and the requirement to upgrade air conditioning and air flows to the operating theatre to meet Australian Standards at a cost of $65,000.

We look forward to the continuing support of Ritchies through the Community Benefit Program which as you can see has contributed significantly to our health care service.”

If you would like to help the development of a new community services wing and the expansion of community services in Timboon - the next projects for the hospital, you can nominate Timboon and District Health Service at your local Ritchies store.

Their CB number is 93663.