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Victorian Deaf Society
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“The Victorian Deaf Society (Vicdeaf) is a non-profit organization which has been helping deaf and hard of hearing people in Victoria for 125 years. Our vision is to lead the way in social justice and equity for Deaf and hard of hearing people. We aim to improve quality of life by breaking down communication barriers and improving access to services.

Hearing health is very important and this year Vicdeaf is leading the way in the development of a centre for hearing health in our East Melbourne facilities - which will provide education, prevention, research and management of hearing loss and tinnitus for deaf and hard of hearing people across the state. Our regional and rural program, HEAR here! will take these programs into more remote parts of the state where services are often very limited, but where the need is just as great.

David Peters is one of our dedicated staff members, responsible for Deaf and hard of hearing awareness training. He visits community groups and organizations for this purpose. Donations to Vicdeaf from the Ritchie's Community Benefit Card help to make this program possible.

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For more information about Vicdeaf and its services, please contact us on PH (03) 9473 1111, TTY (03) 9473 1199 or visit www.vicdeaf.com.au

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Their CB no: 92028.