Ritchies Testimonials

Wallaby Creek Wildlife Shelter


Wallaby Creek Wildlife Shelter is a voluntary project dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of orphaned, ill, or injured wildlife. They care for any creature in need, with the valued advice and support of local veterinarians.

Ann and Bill wrote:
“Thank you for including our shelter on your Community Benefits list.

We were absolutely delighted to learn that a donation had gone into our bank account recently. I had just bought yet another bag of Joey milk so the amount that went into the bank almost paid for that … a very welcome arrival!

We have no less than 5 joeys at present, four of whom are inside and one of which was only 325 grams … she is now 500 grams! Yes, it is hard to imagine a roo so small but she is in our homemade humidicrib in our bedroom… with a globe burning night and day and using up electricity (more expense!).

We love our work and it is very satisfying to release the animals back to nature.
Thanks again for your interest and support”

If you would like to help the Wallaby Creek Wildlife Shelter you can nominate them to receive a donation via Ritchies Community Benefit Card.