Ritchies Testimonials


Wideview says Thanks to Ritchie’s IGA

The Community benefits scheme run by Ritchie’s IGA is making a huge difference to Wideview Public School with the $45,000 (May 2010) received from Ritchie’s IGA being directed to the upgrading of Computer technology for the Children.

“We are extremely happy that the Community has backed this initiative and the dollars are starting to add up.” Funding for school facilities is getting harder each year and the voluntary nature of the sign up is an extremely proactive stance taken by the parents from the Wideview School community.

“Without any direct marketing effort, this is a fantastic result and certainly makes an enormous difference to the school. I encourage other Parents or citizens, who may be ex Wideview students or parents, and who may not know about this scheme, to get behind it and help bring facilities to Wideview Public School” said P&C President Steve Wright. Wideview Public School is constantly looking for ways of making the environment and facilities better for the children in order to increase the experience that comes within the School.

“We wish to thank Ritchies IGA for this donation. With the School contribution stalled at 70% and the overall budget extremely tight, these funds are important to help provide much needed facility upgrades” said Principal Cherie Bourke.

If you would like to help, the CB number for Wideview Public School is 90538.