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World Vision

World Vision Australia thanks Ritchies Supermarket staff and customers for supporting World Vision's Child Sponsorship, Child Rescue and Linking Hands programs.

Child Sponsorship


Through the generous support of Ritchies Supermarket customers and the Ritchies Community Benefit Program, 12 children living in poverty have been supported through the World Vision Child Sponsorship Program in 2009. The children are from nations such as Lebanon, Columbia, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Chile, Malawi, Lesotho and Ethiopia. Child Sponsorship provides ongoing support to a child and their community by supporting sustainable, long-term development projects. Your support helps sponsor children break the cycles of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Ritchies Supermarket have been sponsoring children through World Vision since 1996, making a lasting impact in the wellbeing and livelihood of these communities and children.

Child Rescue

Child Rescue

Unfortunately not all children can be reached through Child Sponsorship. Child Rescue was developed to reach the millions of children who do not have a fixed place to live, who may not have parents and who are fending for themselves. Many are escaping child labour or sexual exploitation and are living on the streets.

Your support has assisted our work with children through the 20 Child Rescue projects around the world such as child-safe tourism in Cambodia, improving the quality of life for vulnerable children in Myanmar and Thailand, domestic violence prevention in Mongolia, prevention of child abuse in Sri Lanka, and community care for orphans and families affected by HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia.

Linking Hands

Indigenous Australians face unique disadvantages despite belonging to a developed nation. Infant child mortality among Indigenous Australians is nearly three times greater than the national Australian average. Two-thirds of Indigenous children will not finish secondary college. And Indigenous life expectancy is 20 years shorter than the rest of the Australian population.

Ritchies is supporting World Vision's work to turn these indicators around and create a brighter future for Indigenous communities. Through genuine engagement that fosters the development of children's families and community, Linking Hands is committed to securing the physical, emotional, social and material wellbeing of Indigenous children.

Thanks to Ritchies Supermarkets, World Vision is able to continue integral community development work toward life in all its fullness for every child.

Young Mob

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