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Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover is a Victorian and Queensland based not-for-profit organisation. Our focus is to raise funds to build homes and bungalows for homeless and at-risk young people. We also offer those same young people scholarships to explore their educational goals.

Kids Under Cover believes every young person has the right to a safe and secure home and a sound education. We work to make that belief a reality.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the support of many groups and individuals and Ritchies' ongoing support continues to play a vital part.

The funds received through Ritchies' Community Benefit program continue to play an essential part in making our belief become a reality.

From everyone at Kids Under Cover, we would like to thank Ritchies' and their customers for the generous support and donations that we have received.

Community support for Kids Under Cover helps us to provide young people with the opportunity to reside in a safe and secure environment

If you would like to help Kids under Cover to build more homes for our homeless youth, you can nominate them for a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Card. CB No: 94717 (Victoria); CB No: 81102 (Queensland)

Jo Swift


Kids Under Cover


Kings Swimming Club

Kings Swimming Club says thanks!

Kings Swimming Club says thanks!

Kings Swimming Club would like to thank Ritchies and in particular Penny Sayer for attending our annual Long Course Meet recently held at the Pines and presenting us with our participation plaque for the Ritchies Community Benefit Program. This program has been very generous to our club. Kings Swimming Club values Ritchies generous support to the community and 'not for profit' clubs such as ours.

Pictured is Ritchies Community Benefit Promotions Officer, Penny Sayer presenting the plaque to Kings Swimming Club President, Jackie Morrison-Woolcock at the annual Long Course Meet on Saturday 14 November 2009.

Ritchies was recognised as a "Silver" Sponsor of the annual Long Course Meet 2009. Thanks to the support of the sponsors and volunteers the meet was very successful and once again approved by Swimming Victoria as an official Qualifying Meet. There were around 1000 individual swim entries with numerous swimming clubs attending from local, metropolitan, and regional Victorian based swimming clubs. Future event details are currently posted on the club website at: www.kingsswimmingclub.com.au

The club wishes to thank Ritchies for their fantastic support!

Yours faithfully,
Paul Kellett [on behalf of]
Kings Swimming Club Committee


Langwarrin Fire Brigade

Langwarrin Fire Brigade

The Langwarrin Fire Brigade was pleased last month to host Penny Sayer and Langwarrin Store Manager, Jacob Tobias for the presentation of a plaque in recognition of the monies donated through the Community Benefit Program.

The brigade has been a recipient of the program since it's inception in the Langwarrin area and are grateful of the communities support. All members of the brigade are volunteers and members of the Langwarrin community.

Craig Aiton, Captain, Langwarrin Fire Brigade said “All monies raised and donated are put towards equipment and training to provide the community with an efficient and well training fire service.”

Pictured right to left is David Heyne (1st Lieutenant) Kylie Juraschek (firefighter) and Clint Lawrey (3rd Lieutenant) gathered together with Jacob Tobias (Ritchies Langwarrin Liquor Store Manager) to accept the plaque.

The Langwarrin CFA has been a part of the Ritchies Community Benefit Program for over 12 years and has received over $20,000 from Ritchies within that time.

If you would like to nominate Langwarrin Fire Brigade as a recipient of a donation from Ritchies, their CB number is 92641.


Langwarrin Park Primary School

Langwarrin Park Primary School

By shopping at Ritchies and receiving the direct credit percentage rewards at the end of each month, LANGWARRIN PARK has been able to plan to improve the teaching and learning facilities on site.

To date $30,000 has been put towards the construction of an 18 metre heated indoor SWIM POOL and $10,000 towards improvements to the HALL and PERFORMING ARTS COMPLEX.

“We're right behind RITCHIES because they're right behind us” said the Principal, Mr Keith Williams.

Ritchies - where the community benefits!

Laughter Clubs of Victoria Inc (LCV)

Phillipa Challis, known as the Laughter Lady, founded Laughter Clubs of Victoria Inc (LCV) five years ago and in that time has seen 38 community laughter clubs and organisational laughter clubs launched around the State.

A laughter yoga session is a physically oriented technique that uses a perfect blend of playful, empowering and otherwise ‘tension-releasing' laughter exercises.

group 1

group 2

Volunteer laughter yoga leaders who have undertaken the authorised LCV laughter yoga leaders workshop that includes co-leading a number of sessions before starting a club run all the clubs, which are free to the public. People from all walks of life and all ages participate. Most of the clubs are run on a weekly basis, usually held outdoors and run for half an hour, and are often followed by the members sharing coffee and a chat.

The laughter movement was started 12 years ago by Dr Madan Kataria, a General Practitioner in Mumbai India, and now has over 5,000 clubs worldwide. Laughter yoga has many benefits beside the joy of laughter. It strengthens the immune system, combats negative effects of stress, and enhances creativity. It increases tolerance to pain, improves people's sense of humour, self-confidence and communication skills, to name just a few.

Laughter Yoga Leaders undertake training at their own expense and each community laughter club must carry public liability insurance. At this stage money for insurance is often paid by the leader, some clubs hold fundraisers, and others seek donations from their regular attendees.

We are working towards being able to

  1. continue to offer free laughter sessions to the community
  2. take laughter yoga into schools (it is a great tool for children to use to boost their self esteem)
  3. present laughter sessions to groups and associations that are unable to afford it
  4. re-imburse laughter yoga leaders for their travel, when they volunteer to present for groups
  5. pay the public liability insurance for leaders of community clubs
  6. contribute towards expenses for laughter yoga leader workshops training
  7. pay our quarterly hosting fee for our web site, sponsored by Get Started
  8. increase our web site to include pages such as a photo gallery and a laughter yoga leaders only
  9. present a Laughter Conference in Melbourne the weekend of 18/19 August 2007
  10. double the number of clubs in Melbourne
  11. expand into every regional area in the State

If you would like to look on www.laughterclubsvic.org you will learn about Laughter Clubs Victoria or go to www.laughteryoga.org to find out more about the benefits of laughter.

We are aware that sponsorship will enable us to have more exposure in the community and then we will be able to put more laughter into the community. Laughter therapy is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing mind-body exercise, and scientific study shows that it helps people on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Ritchies Community Benefit Program is one way of helping LCV to raise funds. Their CB number is 98724.

Live Life Laughing!

Phillipa Challis
Founder and Co-Ordinator - Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc
Australian Laughter Ambassador - Laughter Club International


Leukaemia Foundation NSW


Through Ritchies Stores' Community Benefit Card Scheme, customers have been able to nominate 0.5% of their purchases to a proposed charity, school or community group.

Leukaemia Foundation

Peter Cox, CEO, Leukaemia Foundation said the Foundation is excited to be part of the Community Benefit Card Scheme. “It's wonderful to be nominated by the Ritchies Stores' customers. The funds raised through this scheme will allow us to continue our work in providing our vital services to patients who are diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.” said Mr Cox.

The Foundation's free support services includes information and resources, education and support programs, transportation to and from treatment, ‘home away from home' accommodation close to major hospitals, practical assistance and emotional support.

9264 Australians are projected to be diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma this year; the equivalent of one every hour. It is estimated that every two hours, someone loses their life to one of these diseases.

The Community Benefit Card is free and can be collected from any Ritchies supermarket or liquor store in NSW, Victoria or Queensland. There is no requirement to give your name or other details, just nominate the Leukaemia Foundation. Your card will be issued immediately and can be used straight away in any Ritchies store. Simply present your card for scanning every time you shop at Ritchies and 0.5% of your purchase value will automatically go to the Leukaemia Foundation.

CB Number: 91331 NSW.


Leukaemia Foundation Victoria


Left to right: Carrum Downs Service Supervisor, Ann; CD Store Manager, Matthew Skiller; Meaghan Bush, Fundraising Manager,
Leukaemia Foundation and Judy Rebecca, Community Benefit Program Manager

It is projected at approximately 2500 Victorians will be diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma this year; the equivalent of one every hour. It is estimated that every two hours, someone loses their life to one of these diseases.

Leukaemia Foundation

The Foundation's free support services includes information and resources, education and support programs, transportation to and from treatment, ‘home away from home' accommodation close to major hospitals, practical assistance and emotional support.

The Leukaemia Foundation does not receive any ongoing government funding and relies generously on the community to help us continue providing our services to our patients and their families free of charge.
This is why the Ritchies Community Benefits Card is a fabulous way for the community to help those Victorians living with Blood Cancers.

It's so easy to do, simply nominate the Leukaemia Foundation as your charity of choice and present your card for scanning every time you shop at a Ritchie's store and remember by doing this you certainly are making a difference in the lives of those people living with blood cancers.

CB Number: 92915.



Lifeline Melbourne provides counselling, support, information and referral over the phone, 24 hours a day, every day of the year through a single phone number, 13 11 14.

Lifeline counselling is provided by trained volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. Counsellor training and supervision are coordinated by professionally qualified staff.

Lifeline Melbourne has about 440 volunteers and must train about 240 new volunteers each year to keep up with the demand for this service. The money donated through Ritchies Supermarkets helps train our volunteer counsellors and enables us to continue providing this valuable service to the community.

phone call“Being a Lifeline volunteer is a wonderful, challenging experience. I never expected it to be so rewarding.” Alicia, volunteer.

When someone calls Lifeline our volunteer counsellors take the time to listen, offering support and understanding. The counsellor works with the caller to consider their options and help them make decisions about what to do next. They can also provide information about further help available in the community.

“I've been a Lifeline volunteer counsellor for a long time, and am constantly touched by our callers' stories and courage. It's a privilege working for Lifeline, one of the great volunteer organisations, and working with such dedicated counselors.” Kay, volunteer.

Thank you to Ritchies customers for supporting this valuable community service.

Lifeline Melbourne is a program of Wesley Mission Melbourne, visit our website for more information, http://www.wesley.org.au/programs/lifeline.html.

Someone to talk to, someone to listen anytime day or night.


Macclesfield - Where the whole community benefits!


Many community groups benefit from donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program, but in the community of Macclesfield they decided to do something different.

Rather than have some small groups getting only $10 a month or missing out because they didn't have enough supporters, community groups in Macclesfield decided to group together as the Macclesfield Community. They have received almost $93,000 to date (end of March 2008).

This money is looked after by the Macclesfield Primary School and distributed to the other recipients every six months.

The money is divided between Macclesfield Primary School; Macclesfield Fire Brigade; Avonsleigh Pre School; Macclesfield Pony Club; Macclesfield Netball Club; Macclesfield Scout Group; Macclesfield Auskick Clinic and Macclesfield Landcare.

What a great idea!

You can nominate Macclesfield Community when you apply for your Ritchies Community Benefit Card. Their CB number is 93946.


Maffra Hospital Auxiliary

Maffra Hospital Auxiliary says thanks to Ritchies!


The ladies auxiliary of the Maffra Hospital have been busy helping to raise funds to purchase equipment.

One of the ways this is done is through Ritchies Community Benefit Program, whereby the hospital year to date has received almost $16,000 (end March 2008) from Ritchies.

Peter, Ritchies Maffra Store Manager recently presented the ladies with a plaque in recognition of the fantastic work they do for the hospital.

Some of the money donated by Ritchies has helped to purchase pressure care mattresses, medical equipment, TV's, DVD players, floatation and massage chairs- a great benefit to many of the patients.

Keep up the good work ladies and if you would like to nominate Maffra Hospital Auxiliary you can do so at any Ritchies store.

Their CB number is 94721.