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Nepean Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal Logo

Nepean Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parents' Support (NNICUPS) is a registered charity based at the Nepean Hospital, Penrith in NSW. Our members are parents of babies who have been cared for in Nepean's NICU. Our aim is to support parents before and after the birth of their baby and especially while their baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care (NIC) Unit.

The Unit has experience with babies having varying degrees of gestation and challenges at birth. www.prematurebabes.org

NNICUPS would like to thank Ritchies Pty Ltd Community Benefit Scheme for their support and donations. If you would like to assist, you can nominate Nepean Hospital Neonatal Care when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card.

Their CB number is 99004.


NRMA CareFlight

Head Injury Retrieval Trial (HIRT) landing in Sydney to attend an accident.

Thank you to Ritchies Stores' customers

NRMA CareFlight would like to thank all Ritchies Stores' customers who support us through the Ritchies Community Benefit Card. As a valued supporter we want to keep you up to date about our new role in the NSW aero-medical retrieval system.

Over the past two decades more than 15,000 critically ill and injured patients have been treated and/or transported by NRMA CareFlight specialists, utilising our own dedicated helicopters as well as road ambulances, fixed wing air ambulances and medi-jets.

In May 2006, Ambulance Service of NSW conducted a tender process for the provision of helicopter services to the NSW retrieval system. The contract was awarded to CHC Helicopter Corporation. However, strong community support for CareFlight resulted in a compromise being reached with the NSW Government on the 22nd December 2006. The agreement:

  • Provides for a continuation of NRMA CareFlight's medical-rescue helicopter services until May 2007, with our doctors staffing five shifts every day from Westmead (24/7) and Orange (10/7);
  • Awards a new seven-year contract for our doctors to serve on two of the CHC helicopters based in Sydney and Orange;
  • Provides in-principle support by the NSW Government for an expansion of NRMA CareFlight's Head Injury Retrieval Trail (HIRT) covering greater Sydney.

Thank you to Ritchies Stores for helping us to keep you, our valued supporters, informed about our new role. Your continued support enables CareFlight to save lives in NSW.

Our CB number is 91278.


Oakleigh SES (Glen Eira SES)

Oakleigh SES (Glen Eira SES) thanks Ritchies for their support!

The volunteer members of the Oakleigh State Emergency Service Unit are currently raising funds to assist with the purchase a new vehicle, to replace an existing and ageing Rescue unit. The new vehicle will be fitted out with equipment enabling the volunteer members to increase their capacity to respond to storm and flood damage events in the Glen Eira community

wonthaggi hospital

Funds raised by the Ritchies Community Benefit Scheme will be utilised to assist with the purchase of the new vehicle for the Oakleigh Unit.

The Oakleigh Unit responds to incidents and calls for assistance within the City of Glen Eira municipality, with the unit headquarters located in East Bentleigh. In addition, the Oakleigh Unit also assists other areas throughout Victoria and interstate as required. Oakleigh Unit provided support crews to the Black Saturday fire effected areas (2009), deployed crews to assist other areas with the recent storms (2010) and has sent relief crews to interstate storm events in recent years.

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is a volunteer based organisation responding to emergencies and working to ensure the safety of communities around Victoria 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VICSES is the lead agency when responding to floods, storms and earthquakes and operates the largest network of road rescue in Australia. VICSES also provides assistance to other emergency services such as Victoria Police and to municipal councils in planning and auditing their emergency management plans.

For more information on the Victoria State Emergency Service please see our website www.ses.vic.gov.au, or contact the unit: [email protected]

If you would like to help the volunteers of Oakleigh SES, you can nominate them to receive a donation through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is: 81750


Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre

Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre Appeal will set new standards in patient-centred care and provide a way forward in cancer treatment - one towards wellness.

The centre will be an architecturally designed “cancer and wellness precinct” with world-class facilities for international research, medical treatment, integrated with the best of wellness care. Building on more than 126 years of cancer expertise at the Austin Hospital, the centre will provide new directions in the treatment of all types of cancer; with dedicated research facilities and international research programs.

Your support will help the appeal move closer towards creating a truly special centre to help to change the way cancer is treated - to provide care for the whole person and not just their disease. Appeal Patron, Olivia Newton-John said, "It's not just about treating cancer, it's about healing the whole person."

Visit the Olivia Appeal website for more information or to pledge your support - at www.OliviaAppeal.com

Help the Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre Appeal by nominating them for a donation through Ritchies Community Benefit Program. Their CB number is 90546.

Open Family


Open Family pic 1

Open Family Australia provides Outreach support and services to young people at-risk and homeless within the community. Many of these young people suffer from a myriad of issues including poverty, unemployment, disenfranchisement from education, problematic drug and alcohol use, mental and physical health issues and may have suffered abuse. Open Family Australia's outreach workers go to where the young people are, engage with them and link them into the support and services they require to reconnect back into their communities.

Sue Renkin, CEO of Open Family Australia wrote:
“Open Family Australia has a long history in providing this service for the community and we acknowledge the wonderful contribution that Ritchies' shoppers have made to their communities over the years.

To those who support Open Family Australia, thank you for making a difference to a young person's life. Your support goes directly into keeping our Outreach workers on the streets where they are needed the most. Outreach workers are available anytime for intensive clients, operating after hours when existing services are not available. They advocate for them, build rapport and aim to become a significant adult in their life, assisting them to tap into mainstream support services and programs in the local area.

This style of outreach work empowers young people to make better decisions. It can turn a young person's life around, creating real change and reconnecting them with their community.”

If you would like to help Open Family Australia and our young people living on the streets, you can nominate them to receive a donation via Ritchies Community Benefit Card (CB No. 92738).

Kind regards,
Jacey Octigan
National Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
Open Family Australia
T: 03 8698 6713
F: 03 8698 6701
E: [email protected]
W: www.openfamily.com.au


Oxfam Australia

Through the Community Benefits Program, Ritchies Supermarkets and its customers have raised thousands of dollars to support Oxfam Australia's work against poverty and injustice around the world.

This valuable support has been used to make a positive difference to communities we work with in three main ways.


Local Solomon Islands' women, like Jemimah John, are concerned chemicals from a tailings dam upstream will overflow into their water supply. Photo: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

Campaigning for change

Poverty isn't just about lack of resources. In a wealthy world it's about bad decisions made by powerful people. We form part of a global movement of people committed to achieving a fairer world by:

  • Partnering with Australians to campaign on the issues that matter - more than 85,000 Australians took action with us in 2007/2008
  • Empowering communities in developing countries to realise their rights and improve their lives
  • Engaging with organisations and governments to change policies that perpetuate poverty and inequality
Somawathi Gunapala, from Pillanduwa village, in central Sri Lanka
picks ripe snake beans from the vegetable garden she has established
with four other community members, with Oxfam Australia's support
Photo: Maureen Bathgate/OxfamAUS

Contributing to long-term development

Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves - with the right support. We fund long-term projects around the world and work in a range of areas, from water and sanitation to education and health, to bring about positive change in people's lives. This work is done in partnership with local partner organisations so we can enact change at a grassroots level.

Responding to emergencies


People need help in an emergency - fast. We save lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and we help people prepare for future crises. Right now, we're responding to these emergencies. All of our work seeks one overall outcome: to bring about positive change in the lives of people living in poverty. Oxfam Australia would also like to thank Ritchies management for their recent generous donation of $50,000 AUD to our Haiti Earthquake appeal.

Our approach

We believe that respect for human rights will help lift people out of poverty and injustice, allow them to assert their dignity and bring about sustainable development. Our work is guided by four goals:

1. Economic Justice - We support people to make a decent living, leading dignified lives free from poverty and hunger.
2. Essential Services - We help people to access clean water, healthcare, education and sanitation.
3. Rights in crisis - We support people to live safe from war, violence and natural disaster.
4. Gender Justice - We support women and men to enjoy equal rights, and live free from violence and discrimination.

Click here to download the Thank You PDF file.

Oxfam Logo

Oxfam Australia CB No. VIC - 92024
Oxfam Australia CB No. NSW - 91481
Oxfam Australia CB No. QLD - 98979


Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Ritchies donates $25,000 to Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal


The Horn of Africa is being devastated by the most serious drought in over 60 years. Affecting Northern Kenya, Somalia and southern Ethiopia, millions of people are facing starvation in an ongoing food crisis that has been worsened by conflict, and rising food prices.

Over 12 million people are at risk and parts of Southern Somalia have already been declared a famine.
Oxfam is planning to reach 3 million people with clean water, food and basic sanitation. They are already helping many hundreds of thousands people with aid: drilling boreholes, cleaning and rehabilitating existing water supply points, providing safe sanitation and health promotion and vaccinating livestock.

Oxfam partners are now operating the single largest public health program in Somalia, providing clean water to 300,000 displaced Somalis in camps outside Mogadishu. Our partners also operate the largest therapeutic feeding program for children and mothers which admits 3,000 malnourished, dying children every week, the largest in Mogadishu.

Latest blogs/photos/videos:

You can help raise funds for disasters such as the one in East Africa by nominating the Ritchies Emergency Relief Fund.

The CB numbers in each state are as follows:
Queensland: 81326
NSW: 91451
Victoria: 90286.




Oz Child is a non profit organization that assists babies, children and youth who are in need of foster care. They also support families, with assistance provided by over 400 trained volunteers. They work out of the Visy Centre in Dandenong and a new centre on Nepean Highway in Mornington. They have received over $6,000.00 to date through Ritchies Community Benefit Card program.

Peter Payne, Manager of Oz Child, Mornington wrote:
“Thank you to all the Ritchies shoppers who nominate Oz Child as their community charity through Ritchies Community Benefit Card. Your support goes directly into programs that assist babies, children and youth who are in need of foster care, family support, disability support, legal or educational support.

Oz Child undertakes these programs with assistance from over 400 trained volunteer carers, and financial support from the government, community groups and business. Thanks Ritchies for recognizing and supporting these Oz Child programs.”

If you would like to help Oz Child you can nominate them to receive a donation via Ritchies Community Benefit Card.


Pakenham Hills Primary School

Brekky Club at Pakenham Hills Primary School

Pakenham Hills

Brekky Club at Pakenham Hills PS has been running for the last 3 years.

It is supported by our school chaplain, primary welfare officer, community volunteers and staff at the school. Brekky Club operates from 8am until the school day begins. We have many students that come to Brekky Club for breakfast and also to meet with their peers or connect with our volunteer workers.

We are extremely grateful for the community financial support that allows the Brekky Club to continue and operate with great success.

Ritchies support of Pakenham Hills Primary School means that our Brekky Club operates without a financial burden on parents and the school.

Thank-you to Ritchies for supporting our community and our students in wellbeing so that they are able to learn in the best possible environment.

CB No. 92841

Kindest and Warmest Regards

Lynelle Broekhoff

Assistant Principal

Pakenham Hills Primary School

Pakenham Hills Logo


Pakenham Volunteer Care Group

Help Pakenham Volunteer Care Group!

PAkenham Volunteer Care Group

Photo courtesy Pakenham Gazette.

Pakenham Volunteer Care Group use the money they receive from Ritchies Community Benefit Program to help others in the community.They take people to doctor's appointments as far away as into the city and help out with driving people to many other appointments as well.It's nice to know people care.

You can help Pakenham Volunteer Care Group continue caring for people in their community by nominating them to receive a donation through Ritchies Community Benefit Card. Their CB Number is: 92881