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RSPCA Peninsula

RSPCA Peninsula 1
RSPCA Peninsula 2

RSPCA Peninsula says thank you!

Ritchies and our loyal Community Benefit cardholders have helped us donate $488,541.05 to RSPCA Peninsula to date - end December 2006.

“Ritchies donations have helped us with many things throughout the shelter, including the building of small animal adoptions (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, etc) which will open later this year.

It has enabled us to reseal and upgrade dog adoption, including the building of four large breed dog pens, including anti-slip surfaces to make the building safer for the dogs, staff, and members of the public.

We have upgraded our cat adoption area, including jungle pens to give the cats space to run, jump and play, and to allow for better interaction with potential adopters; and we've been able to build a brand new cat quarantine building with its own isolation ward, enabling us to isolate cats with infectious diseases away from the general population, preventing the spread of disease and helping us to achieve better animal welfare outcomes.

Money has also been spent on vital equipment throughout the shelter, especially in the veterinary clinic, to enable us to better care for the animals in our care, but to also better care for privately owned animals, that then turn into profits in the veterinary clinic that can be directed to shelter animals.

Thank you to all our dedicated supporters.”

Carrie Mudge
Shelter Supervisor
RSPCA Peninsula

RSPCA Gippsland branch is endeavouring to follow in the paw prints of Peninsula Animal Aid branch by building a new veterinary clinic with money raised through Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program. It is currently receiving around $850 a month.

RSPCA Burwood

Ritchies Stores are one of RSPCA Victoria’s long time and valued supporters. Ritchies was established back in 1870, when Thomas Ritchie opened a grocery store in Frankston, with the intention of donating part of his profit back to the community. Ritchies is wholly Australian owned and are just as community minded today as they were when Thomas opened his first store. Ritchies Community Benefit Card donates 1% of the money spent in their stores each month to a club, school or charity of their choice and the RSPCA has benefited from this outstanding support since 1993.


The RSPCA would like to thank Ritchies Supermarkets for their generous support over many years. We are thrilled to announce Ritchies and our donors throughout Victoria who shop at Ritchies have raised over $140,000 in the last financial year and more than $963,318.94 (end December 2006) across Victoria since our partnership began in 1993!

If you would like to be a part of this rewarding way of supporting RSPCA, ask for a Community Benefit Card at your local Ritchies Supermarket to give the RSPCA that little extra gift. The RSPCA says a big thank you to Ritchies Stores.

"The RSPCA is most grateful for the magnificent financial support given by Ritchies. Since the introduction of the program, Ritchies Stores have contributed over $300,000 to benefit all creatures great and small. Ritchies is an Australian owned store who recognises the needs of the community. RSPCA headquarters in Burwood East and our branches at Pearcedale and Gippsland are very appreciative of Ritchies whose motto is very appropriate - where the community benefits."
Maria Mercurio,
RSPCA Chief Executive Officer

Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission LogoSacred Heart Mission helps people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty, who rely on the Mission for their basic survival.

They have written to thank Ritchies and our loyal Community Benefit Cardholders who have nominated them to receive a monthly donation.

“Your donation is vital to us. With the increasing financial pressure families and individuals are facing at the moment, we are seeing a huge need in our community for assistance for basic necessities such as food, accommodation and emergency relief. Thanks to your generosity we can continue to help some of the most disadvantaged people in Melbourne.”

Beyond providing assistance with essential needs, the Mission is focused on helping people turn their lives around - permanently. We couldn't do it without your support.”

If you would like to help the Sacred Heart Mission to make a meaningful difference on so many lives of the people who turn to them in their time of need, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies.

Simply nominate the Sacred Heart Mission, CB NO: 90053, when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card


Salvation Army


The Salvation Army feeds the hungry and clothes the poor, with over $10,000 a month received through Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program. The money from Ritchies goes directly into welfare work in the areas surrounding our 27 stores. The Salvation Army had received well in excess of $1,500,000.00 at the end of June 2010.

"The funding from Ritchies is extremely important for crisis relief... without the support of Ritchies (and their customers) our job would be so much more difficult, and the community much poorer in so many ways. We went from distributing food parcels on Friday afternoons to an organisation that's open all week, because of the great support in this area."
Hennie Watts,
Manager of The Salvation Army's Cranbourne Support Services


Red Shield Banner



Scope Logo

Scope is one of the largest providers of services to people with a disability in Victoria, and one of the largest not-for-profit organisations in Australia. Our mission is to support people with a disability to achieve their potential in welcoming and inclusive communities.

Starting in 1948 as the Spastic Children's Society of Victoria, today Scope's services include areas such as therapy and psychology, home and respite, day and lifestyles and employment services.

We are a sustainable organisation of which receives 81.5% of our funding through the State and Federal Government. The remainder of our funding is largely through fundraising.

Historically, people with a disability have had little say as to the organisation that services them. This environment is changing. Individualised funding is now empowering clients to make choices and Scope seeks to be the preferred provider. To achieve this Scope aims to deliver quality and responsive services for people with a disability.

For people with a disability

At Scope, we see people with a disability simply just as people. Scope seeks to understand who you are, to find out what matters most to you and support you to achieve it. We provide ‘Scope For People With A Disability' to live the lives that they choose. Through our world-class research, services, education, communication resources and advocacy, Scope is continually identifying better opportunities to support each person with a disability to:

  • Make decisions about their own life
  • Get the right job, not just any job
  • Choose where and who they live with
  • Enjoy full participation in their community of choice
  • Live out their equal rights

Scope has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a tax deductible gift recipient and for charity tax concessions ABN 63 004 280 871.

If you would like to help Scope, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is 90647.


Scouts Australia

Nestle plus Ritchie’s - a sweet success for Scouts!

Scouts and Fred

Ritchies and Nestle donated over $30,000 to Scouts Australia, raised during a month long promotion within Ritchies supermarkets.

Pictured are Fred Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Ritchies Stores alongside James Godfrey, Nestle National Business Manager handing over the cheque to Bob Taylor, Chief Commissioner, Scouts Victoria with Lynette Swaine, Joeys Leader, and Melissa (Cubs) and Joshua, 1st South Frankston Scouts.

scouts logo

‘We are all about community benefit and the fit with Scouts was perfect. This worked so well we are already planning again for next year’ said Fred Harrison.

Mr Bob Taylor, Chief Commissioner for Victoria’s Scouts accepted the cheque, saying ‘Scouts have thousands of volunteer leaders helping kids across Victoria - it’s a job that takes a lot of dedication involving training, screening and program preparation. Every Leader will get a boost seeing this great support from Nestle and Ritchies’

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA)

You can help give the gift of independence!

Seeing Eye Dog

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA), is a national not-for-profit organisation, which for nearly fifty years, has enhanced the mobility and independence of blind or vision impaired people, by providing them with Seeing Eye Dogs free of charge. At SEDA, we make it easier for people who are blind or vision impaired to live and work independently. A Seeing Eye Dog allows a person to move more quickly and to navigate obstacles reliably and safely. A Seeing Eye Dog uses its own initiative to stop at roads and to move its owner out of harms way.

Seeing Eye Dogs Logo

Breeding and training Seeing Eye Dogs is both rewarding and challenging. But it takes more than just a cute face to become a working dog. It takes nearly two years and $30,000 to train each dog. SEDA does not receive any government funding - not one cent, so we rely solely on the generosity of the public. People like you can make the world of difference.

The Ritchies Community Benefit Card donates 1% of the money you spend to the organisation of your choice. If you nominate SEDA as your charity of choice, your donation will go towards the training of our special dogs.

For more information on our organisation, you can call 03 9381 6400 or visit www.seda.org.au
CB number: 98630.


SES Hunter

Supa Effort by Ritchie's IGA Supermarkets for SES


Hunter SES Region Controller Greg Perry has accepted a donation of $60,000 from Ritchie's Supa IGA and IGA Supermarkets in recognition of the community spirit shown by volunteers in the Hunter during the recent June Flood and Storm Event.

A delighted Greg Perry, Region Controller for the SES Hunter Region, has accepted a cheque for $45,000 from Ritchie's Hunter Area Supervisor Paul Crutchfield, and a further cheque for $15,000 from the IGA Chain and its distribution centre at a small gathering held at the Maitland SES Unit in Maitland this week.

Just days after the floods and storms hit the Hunter in early June, Mr Perry received an email from NSW/ACT State Board Member for IGA Supermarkets and Ritchie's Supa IGA, David Scally, offering a donation of $45,000 to local SES units, to recognise their contribution as volunteers in supporting their communities, and this offer was soon followed by an additional offer of $15,000 from the IGA chain and its distribution centre.

"We were pretty amazed," Mr Perry said.

"We will ensure that the money is used in areas where there are Ritchie's and IGA stores such as Telarah, Rutherford, Branxton and Kurri Kurri."

"It will be used on additional resources and equipment for our units not covered by normal funding sources."

It is noteworthy, that this donation to the volunteers of the Hunter Region SES units by the IGA Disaster Relief and Community Chest programs follows on from similar contributions in recent times to the Tsunami Relief effort, and to the clean-up after Cyclone Larry.

Sids & Kids

Red Nose Day Logo

Red Nose Day - Friday 28th June 2013
Red Nose Day, held annually on the last Friday in June, is the major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids. Funds raised through Red Nose Day activities assist SIDS and Kids in providing vital services and programs to the Australian community.

About SIDS and Kids
SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and to supporting bereaved families.

With nine offices throughout Australia and a National office in Melbourne, SIDS and Kids areas of focus include bereavement support, education, research, national awareness campaigning, advocacy and fundraising.

Who benefits from our services?
SIDS and Kids offer nation-wide free bereavement services to families who have experienced the death of a baby or child during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood regardless of the cause.

Each year SIDS and Kids fields thousands of queries through a bereavement support line. Ongoing professional support for families is available 24 hours a day through counselling sessions, after hours counselling, home visits and a range of support groups and events. SIDS and Kids programs are offered free of charge to all family members and friends who need support. For as long as they need them, SIDS and Kids are there!

Since 1990, education initiatives sunch as the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping Program have saved the lives of an estimated 7,500 Australian babies. Working with health care professionals, childcare organisations and online support networks, new parents have benefited from the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping recommendations. Further information can be found by visiting www.sidsandkids.org.

Why a Red Nose?
In 1988, the Red Nose Day concept was adopted by SIDS and Kids organisations around Australia. The first Red Nose Day was so successful with around a million face noses sold, raising about $1.3 million and substantially increasing awareness of SIDS and Kids and the cause.  Organisers were thrilled with the success and decided to make Red Nose Day a national annual event.

The event has grown and continues to capture the imagination of the Australia public.  Since the beginning, Red Nose Day has contributed a large portion of the funds raised by SIDS and Kids. With a 94 per cent recognition rate in Australia (Quantum research, 2008) the concept of donning a red nose for a day to be silly for a serious cause has expanded to include a range of product and involve celebrities, businesses, vehicles and buildings Australia wide.

Where do Red Nose Day funds go?
Proceeds from Red Nose Day assist SIDS and Kids in providing vital services and programs in your local community including:
• Free ongoing bereavement support and crisis outreach to families and the community following the sudden and unexpected death of a baby, infant or child - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
• Education to thousands of parents, carers and health professionals on how to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents through our world class, evidence based SIDS and Kids safe sleeping program
• Research into the causes and prevention of sudden and unexpected death of babies during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood.

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping
Our current health promotion program, SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping, is evidence-based and provides families, infant carers and health professionals with information about how to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents and create a safe sleeping environment for babies. More information on this is available at www.sidsandkids.org. The SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping program recommends:

• Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side.
• Sleep baby with head and face uncovered.
• Keep baby smoke free before birth and after.
• Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day.
• Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult care-giver for the first six to twelve months.
Breastfeed baby if you can

Sipjin Taekwondo

Sipjin Taekwondo loves Ritchies Community Benefit Program!

Sipjin Taekwondo

Sipjin Taekwondo is one of the many local clubs in the Griffith area that have become a beneficiary of Ritchies Community Benefit program.

They have competed in the Blue Mountain Taekwondo Championships and the Victorian Open in Melbourne. Then they have NSW State Titles and National Selections in August in Sydney and finishing with the National Titles in September also in Sydney.

Ritchies Community Benefit Program is the easiest way to raise funds for your local community group!


Somers Fire Brigade

Ritchies presents to CFA Somers Brigade

Somers Frie Brigade

The Somers Fire Brigade was pleased to receive a plaque from Ritchies last week, in recognition of money donated to the brigade through the Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

The brigade has been a member of the program for the past 18 years and in that time has received over $27,000.

Somers Fire Brigade Captain, Bruce McCallum, said that the brigade is grateful for the support they have received.

“The Ritchies program has helped us to purchase equipment for the brigade's specialist gas support service as well as other salvage equipment for cleaning up after structure fires. They have also helped us to purchase equipment for training purposes, such as whiteboards.

Since the Ritchies Community Benefits program began in 1993, more than $2 million has been donated to CFA brigades. To find out more about this program click here.

You can help Somers CFA with their fundraising by nominating them when you get your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card. CB number: 90680.