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South Gippsland Animal Aid

South Gippsland Animal Aid says thanks to Ritchies!

South Gippsland Animal Aid

The Treasurer of South Gippsland Animal Aid, also known as Paws Galore wrote “Please accept our sincere thanks for the support which you have given us through your Community Benefit Scheme. The payments which you have made to us have been greatly appreciated and significantly help us to continue our work with homeless animals.

As you can imagine, fostering many dogs and hundreds of kittens every kitten season with the associated costs of veterinary care, feeding, kitty litter, cleaning, transport costs and the myriad other things involved in rehabilitating and finding new owners is an expensive process. Your regular contributions therefore have a real impact.

Even if we can't change the world, we can certainly make a difference.”

If you would like to help the South Gippsland Animal Aid their CB number is 93097.


South Warrandyte Wildlife Shelter

wildlife shelter

Introducing one of our most precious local resources, a dedicated wildlife carer, named Cheryl Dobbie. Cheryl lives with her husband and family in South Warrandyte, immediately adjacent to Park Orchards. She has been caring for these desperately fragile and vulnerable creatures for about 6 years, volunteering not just her time but also donating her family's hard earned money.

The animals in her care range across the spectrum of native animals, from wallabies, kangaroos and echidnas to parrots and tawney frogmouths. Surprisingly, these carers get virtually no assistance from Government agencies, yet the costs are formidable. The government even insists that they pay for their own registration. The basic foodstuffs such as seed, fruit and vegetables will cost a minimum of $100 per month.

Carnivorous birds such as owls can cost up to $20 per week per bird to feed. The milk formulas for orphaned joeys are specifically formulated and expensive. Recently Cheryl had to purchase a specially constructed cage at a personal cost of $1,800.

Though these financial burdens can be demanding, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the time required. Currently Cheryl's last feeding session is at 2:00 am. The first feed begins at 5:00 am. After the summer of 2008 09, Cheryl was inundated with animals, over one hundred creatures, mostly stricken with heat stress, and all requiring individual care.

Her most recent rescue case is a tiny baby koala, found in the pouch of his dead mother, killed by domestic dogs. The baby had been lying in the pouch for 2 days and was white with cold. Fortunately a passerby looked into the pouch and the baby was taken to Cheryl for care. It has only a 5% chance of survival, but with Cheryl's intensive care and the use of a borrowed $2,000 humidicrib, this infant koala has been given the best chance to survive.

If any of our local residents would care to help Cheryl, please contact Gerry Dale on 0417 538 306. Volunteer helpers would be welcome but need to be over 16 years old. Any donations would also be welcome to help relieve the financial burden of housing and feeding which is placed upon the wildlife carers in our area.

Their CB number is 90601.


Southern Cross Kids' Camps

Southern Cross Kids Camp 1Southern Cross Kids Camp 2Southern Cross Kids Camp 3Southern Cross Kids Camp 4

Overview of Southern Cross Kids' Camps in action

Southern Cross Kids' Camps offer specialised programs for child victims of abuse. Children are in a 1:1 ratio of children to adults. The adults are called “buddies” and are responsible for the care and safety of the children throughout camp. The buddies also provide positive adult role models. We have strict policies which include that no buddy is to be alone with their child when out of sight of a group.

Many children attending Southern Cross Kids' Camps live in foster care and often move from home to home. Growing up in a stable, home environment is not always an option for them. A significant number have encountered horrendous experiences and struggle with multiple issues. Almost all have counselors or social workers. During the course of their short lives, these children often lose the opportunity to just be children, to have fun and to laugh.

Inviting children to return to a Southern Cross Kids' Camp every year, enables us to build on the foundation of the previous years, as well as continuing to develop their confidence, self esteem and trust. We provide the children with a positive event to look forward to during the year with many counting down the months until camp.

Other important roles for volunteers include the camp directors who oversee and manage the camps, support personnel to assist the buddies, a registered nurse, a child social worker, activity coordinators, errand and laundry person, photographer, games/sports coach, music coordinator and special guest presenters.

It is policy that all volunteers attending camps are selected through a strict screening process which includes interviews, checking references, police checks and the new Victorian Working With Children Check and training sessions.

All participants (children and volunteers) attend camp without charge. Southern Cross Kids' Camps receives no government funding. All finances are raised by volunteers through appropriate fundraising activities, grants, financial or in-kind donations and child sponsorship.

You can nominate Southern Cross Kids' Camps to receive a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is 92529.


Special Olympics Australia

Special Olympics Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides year-round sports training and competition for people with an intellectual disability.

Special Olympics Australia

Special Olympics is a worldwide movement that inspires people with an intellectual disability to reach their personal best through regular sport and competition. It is not a single event and it is not just for the elite. Instead Special Olympics volunteers provide sports opportunities for all people with an intellectual disability regardless of their skills, and they do this every week in communities right across Australia. While some Special Olympics athletes strive to win medals, others enjoy the chance to get active, have fun, make friends and be part of a family. Whatever their motivation, we cater for them by providing meaningful sports programs delivered within a supportive environment where people with an intellectual disability are accepted and can feel proud. People with an intellectual disability are often ridiculed, misunderstood, isolated or simply ignored. Yet, with the understanding and support of Special Olympics they discover the skills that allow them to improve their health, develop self-confidence and bring joy to themselves, their families and their community. You can help us give more people with an intellectual disability a chance to achieve their personal best. Learn more about Special Olympics, be inspired by our athletes or best of all, get involved!

For further details on the National Games and Special Olympics Australia, visit www.specialolympics.com.au

Ritchies customers can support the Special Olympics in two ways

  1. By nominating Special Olympics as a Community Benefit beneficiary
  2. By purchasing certain IGA branded products, where part of the proceeds go to Special Olympics.

Spina Bifida Foundation of Victoria

Spina Bifida Logo

The Spina Bifida Foundation of Victoria was formed in the mid 1990s and provides its members and the community with a range of services and information.

Spina bifida is the incomplete formation of the spine and spinal cord which occurs during the first month of a baby's development in the womb. There is no cure, and people with the condition have varying degrees of permanent disability. Research has shown however, that by taking folate one month before and three months after conception the risk of a baby developing spina bifida and other neural tube defects can be reduced by 70 per cent.

Currently, the SBFV receives no government funding and relies on the goodwill and generosity of members of the community and philanthropic trusts. Donations help us to provide programs for our members to live active and independent lives and to inform the community about the benefits of folate.

For more information go to www.sbfv.org.au

CB number: 92246


St Mary’s Primary School Maffra Parents and Friends Association

Ritchies Community Benefit Program helps St Mary's Maffra!

The Ritchies donations (almost $38,000 to date) over the years have helped St Mary's Primary School Maffra Parents and Friends Association to purchase:

  • Shade sails over the Adventure Playground
  • new safer edging for the playground
  • new sandpit; computers and books for the library

Pictured here is Julie the school Principal and the president of the Parents and Friends Association with the school captains and Mike Richards, Ritchies Community Benefit Representative and Liquor Manager.

Is your school, club or charity getting the full benefit of donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program?


St Patrick's School

Michael Saunders, Principal of St Patrick’s School at Camperdown, said “A big THANK YOU to Ritchies.”

St. Patrick’s School has been a major beneficiary of the Ritchies Community Benefits Program. Great support from both parents and friends of St. Patrick’s has seen over $6,500.00 flow into our School Budget since the program began in Camperdown.

Money has been put towards supplementing our Physical Education budget with purchases in areas such as hockey and volleyball as well as resourcing of our mathematics program. The school grounds have also benefitted with the development of an amphitheatre for classgroups to utilise. The Parents of St. Patrick’s work very hard to support their school and it’s great to have community minded organizations such as Ritchies sharing in this work.

St Vincent de Paul Mt Waverley

In the last financial year Vinnies Mount Waverley provided in excess of $10,000 worth of Ritchies Food Vouchers to needy families in our area.  During the same period, Vinnies purchased one tonne of Basmati rice for Sudanese Refugees and 1,000 tins of tuna for Philippines Tsunami victims – from our friendly Ritchies I.G.A. Store at Mount Waverley.

The photo shows students from Avila College taking delivery of the rice, on Vinnie’s behalf, from Ritchies I.G.A. Store in Mount Waverley.”


Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children's Logo

Since 1988, the Starlight Children's Foundation has brightened the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, and their families, by delivering innovative programs that restore the fun, laughter and joy that serious illness takes away.

Currently Starlight only reaches ‘one in three' of the 600,000 child admissions made to Australian hospitals each year. Starlight's goal is to give all seriously ill and hospitalised children the opportunity to access and benefit from our programs.

In addition to the Starlight Express Room, Starlight's other programs include Starlight Wishgranting, Starlight Fun Centres, Starlight Express Van and Starlight Escapes. These programs are designed to be an integral part of the total health care of children.

For more information about Starlight visit www.starlight.org.au or call 1300 727 827.

CB No's: 92334 Vic, 91092 NSW, 97247 Ballina NSW, 99373 Qld, 80730 Hunter NSW.


Strathdon Community

righteous pups

Pancake Day Feb 28, volunteers pictured above.

Strathdon Community is a not-for-profit Aged Care facility which operates under the auspices of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Strathdon Community Car Logo

Strathdon's Nursing Home, Hostels and Independent Living Units, are now home to nearly 300 men and women in their later years, many of whom suffer some form of dementia or disability. The Day Therapy Centre provides rehabilitation services with around 300 client attendances each week. The Mingara Day Activity Program continues to care for people with dementia who are living in the local community.

If you would like to help Strathdon Community Care, their CB number is 93402.