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Westpac Rescue Helicopter



Ritchies sponsor Westpac Rescue Helicopter Crewman Dave Wells

Ritchies NSW State Manager, David Scally, recently presented a cheque for $55,879.55 to the Service Business Manager, Phil Williams, at a presentation held at the Broadmeadow Base on 27 January.

The money is part of the grocer’s support as a Crew Sponsor and was raised as part of the IGA Community Chest Program – which encourages customers to purchase IGA branded products with a portion of the profits being donated to a local community organisation.

Ritchies SUPA IGA announced its sponsorship of Crewman David Wells late last year and will continue to encourage customers to be part of its Customer Benefit Program. When a Community Benefit Card is scanned at the checkout, 1% of each customer’s purchase is donated to the club, school or charity of their choice. Westpac Rescue Helicopters in NSW have so far received over $232,402.46 (at end July 2009).

Dave Wells

Crewman David Wells.


Wideview says Thanks to Ritchie’s IGA

The Community benefits scheme run by Ritchie’s IGA is making a huge difference to Wideview Public School with the $45,000 (May 2010) received from Ritchie’s IGA being directed to the upgrading of Computer technology for the Children.

“We are extremely happy that the Community has backed this initiative and the dollars are starting to add up.” Funding for school facilities is getting harder each year and the voluntary nature of the sign up is an extremely proactive stance taken by the parents from the Wideview School community.

“Without any direct marketing effort, this is a fantastic result and certainly makes an enormous difference to the school. I encourage other Parents or citizens, who may be ex Wideview students or parents, and who may not know about this scheme, to get behind it and help bring facilities to Wideview Public School” said P&C President Steve Wright. Wideview Public School is constantly looking for ways of making the environment and facilities better for the children in order to increase the experience that comes within the School.

“We wish to thank Ritchies IGA for this donation. With the School contribution stalled at 70% and the overall budget extremely tight, these funds are important to help provide much needed facility upgrades” said Principal Cherie Bourke.

If you would like to help, the CB number for Wideview Public School is 90538.


Wildlife Warriors

Wildlife Warrior

Wildlife Warrior

Wildlife Warrior

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

Who are we?

“The single biggest threat to our planet is the destruction of habitat and along the way the loss of precious wildlife. We need to reach a balance where people, habitat and wildlife can co-exist - if we don't everyone loses… one day”
Steve Irwin

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002. Their aim was to encourage more people to join them in the care and protection of wildlife around the world. They believed if one animal could be saved, an entire species could be saved.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors conduct and work in partnership with several wildlife conservation projects within Australia and around the world. Australia Zoo is our major sponsor funding all administration costs of the charity to ensure all donations are contributed towards the conservation and preservation of our wildlife and habitat.

Our Vision:
That people, wildlife and habitat survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.

Our Mission:
To be the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.

Our current conservation projects:

  • Australian Wildlife Hospital at Beerwah QLD, Australia
  • Orangutan conservation, Sumatra
  • Tiger conservation, Sumatra
  • Elephant conservation, Sumatra and Cambodia
  • Cheetah conservation, South Africa
  • Tasmanian Devil conservation, Tasmania, Australia
  • Whale Research and conservation, based in the USA

For more information:
Web: www.wildlifewarriors.org.au
Email: [email protected]
Postal: P.O. Box 29 Beerwah Queensland Australia 4519
Phone: +61 7 5436 2026
Fax: +61 7 5436 2141

Ritchies Community Benefit Program has donated over $120,000 to Wildlife Warriors to date (end June 2009). CB Numbers: 99743 (NSW) 99851 (Vic) 99241 (Qld)

Ritchies Russell Webb on holidays in Queensland took the opportunity to present a
plaque to Murray Munro, Appeals Manager, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.



Women's Information Referral Service (WIRE)

Having someone to talk things through with, who will really listen to us, is so crucial to our wellbeing. Unfortunately, we all have times in our lives when we just don't know who to turn to. The good news for all Victorian women is that there is always someone to talk to who is just a phone call away.

WIRE - Women's Information is a community service organisation that provides free, confidential information, support and referrals to Victorian women via a telephone helpline, face-to-face in our Women's Information Centre and via email and our website.

Because WIRE is a generalist service, you can contact us about anything at all big or small. WIRE receives many calls about emotional well-being, relationship difficulties and family violence. We also often help people with housing, health, legal, financial and employment issues. But you don't have to be in crisis to call WIRE, we are happy just have a talk or to find you that chocolate crackles recipe (yes, we have had that request!).

Women can also complete an eight week training course at WIRE to prepare them to work as volunteers on our helpline and in the information centre.

Call 1300 134 130 during business hours for the cost of a local call from anywhere in the state (normal mobile rates apply) . Drop in to the Women's Information Centre at the Queen Victoria Women's Centre, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Email us at [email protected] or visit our website www.wire.org.au

You can nominate WIRE when you apply for your FREE Ritchies Community Benefit Card at any Ritchies Supermarket or Liquor Store. Their CB number is 81430


Wonthaggi Hospital

Wonthaggi Hospital loves Ritchies Community Benefit Program

Over many years, members of our local community have shopped at the Wonthaggi Ritchies supermarket and nominated Wonthaggi Hospital to benefit from donations through the Ritchies Community Benefit program.

wonthaggi hospital

The total donated so far has been in excess of $114,000.

The Bass Coast Chief Executive Officer, Lea Pope said “This is a wonderful contribution to the local hospital. It has assisted us to purchase a range of necessary equipment over the years such as electric blood pressure machines, power operated beds, patient moving equipment, patient warming equipment and pressure reducing mattresses for the operating suite.”

The simple act of naming Wonthaggi Hospital as your nominated beneficiary means that when you shop at Ritchies and use your Community Benefit Card or tag, Ritchies will donate money back to the hospital.

You can support your local health service by picking up a card/tag at one of the cash registers at Ritchies and nominating the hospital. These cards and tags can be used at ANY Ritchies store throughout Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

The Ritchies Community Benefit program is an excellent way for local people to support local services with the benefits flowing back to improve services for the whole community.

Our CB number is 90825.


Wonthaggi North Primary School



"Funds donated by Ritchies have assisted Wonthaggi North Primary School to provide computers, play equipment and library books for the benefit of our students. The school community is extremely grateful to Ritchies for the considerable amount of money received over the years."

Wonthaggi SES


“This is just a short note to let you know how much the members of our Unit appreciate the generosity of the support you provide us through the Community Benefit Program”.

Donations have been used to assist Wonthaggi SES in acquiring equipment that can be utilized to provide the community with the type of support they require in times of need.

Wonthaggi SES are attempting to raise $15,000 for a two seat 4 X 4 motor cycle with a small trailer that will allow them to quickly access many of the remote areas around the coast to respond to sick or injured people that require transport out to medical aid. They also nee to upgrade general and specialist rescue equipment; maintain response readiness for floods and storms and ensure adequate stocks of First Aid supplies and equipment.

You can help Wonthaggi SES in their fundraising efforts by simply shopping at Ritchies and nominating them as the beneficiary when you apply for your free Community Benefit Card. 1% of the money you spend on your normal weekly shopping will automatically be donated to the SES on your behalf at no extra cost to you.

Their CB No: 90860.


World Vision

World Vision Australia thanks Ritchies Supermarket staff and customers for supporting World Vision's Child Sponsorship, Child Rescue and Linking Hands programs.

Child Sponsorship


Through the generous support of Ritchies Supermarket customers and the Ritchies Community Benefit Program, 12 children living in poverty have been supported through the World Vision Child Sponsorship Program in 2009. The children are from nations such as Lebanon, Columbia, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Chile, Malawi, Lesotho and Ethiopia. Child Sponsorship provides ongoing support to a child and their community by supporting sustainable, long-term development projects. Your support helps sponsor children break the cycles of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Ritchies Supermarket have been sponsoring children through World Vision since 1996, making a lasting impact in the wellbeing and livelihood of these communities and children.

Child Rescue

Child Rescue

Unfortunately not all children can be reached through Child Sponsorship. Child Rescue was developed to reach the millions of children who do not have a fixed place to live, who may not have parents and who are fending for themselves. Many are escaping child labour or sexual exploitation and are living on the streets.

Your support has assisted our work with children through the 20 Child Rescue projects around the world such as child-safe tourism in Cambodia, improving the quality of life for vulnerable children in Myanmar and Thailand, domestic violence prevention in Mongolia, prevention of child abuse in Sri Lanka, and community care for orphans and families affected by HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia.

Linking Hands

Indigenous Australians face unique disadvantages despite belonging to a developed nation. Infant child mortality among Indigenous Australians is nearly three times greater than the national Australian average. Two-thirds of Indigenous children will not finish secondary college. And Indigenous life expectancy is 20 years shorter than the rest of the Australian population.

Ritchies is supporting World Vision's work to turn these indicators around and create a brighter future for Indigenous communities. Through genuine engagement that fosters the development of children's families and community, Linking Hands is committed to securing the physical, emotional, social and material wellbeing of Indigenous children.

Thanks to Ritchies Supermarkets, World Vision is able to continue integral community development work toward life in all its fullness for every child.

Young Mob

(Images supplied courtesy of World Vision Australia 2009.)

World Vision CB No. 90724 VIC
World Vision CB No. 91408 NSW
World Vision CB No. 99318 QLD


Yarra Glen CFA

Yarra Glen CFA benefits from Ritchies

Yarra Glen CFA

Members of the Yarra Glen CFA were pleased to receive a donations cheque from the Ritchies Yarra Glen store of over $68,000 worth of community contributions given to the brigade since 2008.

Ritchies' donations have helped the brigade buy a new 2.4c tanker, renovate the fire station and buy T-shirts and helmet torches for their members.

The captain of the brigade, Bill Boyd said: “When the pagers and the sirens sound, the residents of Yarra Glen can rest easy with the knowledge that their community benefits card contribution is actively helping someone in trouble by providing the brigade with equipment and also a comfortable environment for our meeting and training nights.”

Since the Ritchies Community Benefits program began in 1993, more than $3 million has been donated to CFA brigades.