Ritchies Testimonials

Balnarring Primary School



Balnarring Primary School loves Ritchies!

A few years ago, the Principal of Balnarring Primary School asked the Bank Manager for a loan to build a new school hall, saying that they would like to make the loan repayments with the money they were receiving from Ritchies Community Benefit Program, about $500 a month at that time.

Well, the bank manager said Yes! That school hall has been well and truly paid for with donations totalling $201,312.56 (end July 2010) and is now known as the Community Centre and it is certainly well used by the school community.

It is used for the school's Japanese program; after school care; junior school assembly; parents and friends meetings and the uniform shop and many other programs.

The school now receives over $1,500 a month and has also recently purchased Interactive White Boards for use in the classrooms.

Is your school getting the full benefit of Ritchies Community Benefit Program?

Shop at Ritchies where the whole community benefits!


Balnarring Primary School is currently funding its Community Centre Cooperative Loan, but over time it has funded a gazebo, shade over the senior sand pit, company programs, library books and general materials for students. The funds raised through the Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program have meant that the school does not have to raise the money to pay for the Community Centre. Balnarring Primary School had received almost $90,000 at the beginning of 2003.

“The Community Centre is used for instrumental music lessons, during the day for class activities and after school for the After School Care Program. It is also used for meetings of other organisations eg Scouts and Netball. The whole community really does benefit from Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program. Thank you for your continuing support.”
Graeme Sweatman, Principal,
Balnarring Primary School


Barooga Public School

Ritchies Community Benefit Program helps Barooga Public School

Barooga School

Barooga Public School is proud to be associated with Ritchies IGA Cobram through the Community Benefits program.

This generous community support program has enabled our small rural school to purchase many resources that have enhanced the students' learning environment.

These improvements include the purchase of lunch seating to provide an all weather hygienic eating area, the establishment of seating in the main entrance to our school providing shelter for bus travellers, and seating in our amphitheatre to enable parents to enjoy school performances in comfort. Funding also assisted in the construction of a sandpit designed by the students, purchase of sporting and playground equipment, and sponsorship of our 'Healthy Breakfast' day and family BBQs. We thank IGA and their customers for their continued support for our school.

Barooga Public School. CB Number: 91448.


Bayley House

Caring for over 135 adults with an intellectual disability, Bayley House provides individually tailored services to meet the needs and interests of our people throughout their lives. Whether it be through offering a wide range of activities via our day service or recreation program, or encouraging independent living at residential houses and our respite service, the happiness of our people is paramount.

Bayley House provides practical support to adults with an intellectual disability through the development and maintenance of skills, provision of vocational training and employment, and organisation of many social and sporting activities. We have strong relationships with the local community which is welcoming and supporting. The link with such an inclusive community is rewarding from our people's perspective and promotes a positive awareness of people with an intellectual disability.

Nominate Bayley House, CB No: 93955.


BCNA - Breast Cancer Network Australia

About Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)

  • Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the peak national organisation for Australians personally affected by breast cancer 
  • BCNA consists of a network of more than 95,000 individual members and 310 Member Groups
  • BCNA supports, informs, represents and connects Australians affected by breast cancer
  • BCNA is represented by the Pink Lady silhouette, symbolic of its focus on the woman diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around her
  • BCNA works to ensure that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs
  • More than 90 per cent of BCNA members have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the remaining members have had a personal experience with breast cancer through a family member or friend
  • Visit www.bcna.org.au to find out more about BCNA programs and services, including the free My Journey Kit for Australians newly diagnosed with breast cancer

General Breast Cancer Statistics:

  • Every day 42 women will be told “you have breast cancer” and 7 will lose their lives to this disease
  • More than 15,200 women and around 120 men are expected be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014
  • Each year, more than 2,700 Australian women die from breast cancer
  • One in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women
  • The average age of breast cancer diagnosis in Australia is 60 
  • Survival rates continue to improve with the 5-year survival rate 89%, up from 72% in the 1980s

Key Messages (specific to Ritchies/BCNA partnership)

  • Since 2004, Ritchies has proudly supported BCNA
  • Over the 10 year partnership, Ritchies, through their Community Benefit Card program, has donated more than $142,000 to BCNA
  • This has helped BCNA support more than 2800 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer by providing them with a free My Journey Kit  
  • My Journey Kit is a free, comprehensive information resource specifically designed for Australians who have been newly diagnosed with early breast cancer. It provides information in a way that is easy to understand, can help treatment decisions and help work through the shock of diagnosis
  • 'The My Journey Kit made me feel like I was not alone and gave me strength throughout my breast cancer journey - it's a must have for women diagnosed with early breast cancer.' –Michelle, Breast Cancer Survivor
  • To help BCNA continue its vital work, Ritchies encourages customers to use their Community Benefit Card to support BCNA 

Beechworth CFA

Beechworth CFA

Beechworth Rural Brigade Captain Keith Harms shows the new slip-on to IGA Assistant Manager Simon Townsend.

BEECHWORTH Rural Fire Brigade was pleased to officially unveil two new appliances which will be used to fight future fires in the area.
The two slip-on units were purchased and equipped through funds raised through the Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Card.
“We have received sufficient funds each month to enable us to purchase the slip-on units,” brigade captain Keith Harms said.
“Each unit has been equipped with a chainsaw and foam, which means they can be used to their maximum potential.”

The units were used during the recent fires, working behind bulldozers to put in fire breaks in an effort to contain the blaze. Mr Harms showed one of the units to Ritchies Assistant Manager Simon Townsend. “The units are kept at the homes of our Lieutenants and will be used in conjunction with the fire trucks during the hot fire season,” Mr Harms said.

“During times of extreme weather conditions, the units will be strategically placed in the East and West of Beechworth to ensure Beechworth and the surrounding areas has the best possible coverage. Mr Harms went on to thank the community for their ongoing support.

“We use the money to maintain the brigade, upgrade equipment and train new members without having to rely on wood raffles or cake stalls,” Mr Harms said. Community Benefit Cards can be obtained from the IGA supermarket.

Their CB number is 91991.


Berwick CFA

Thanks from Berwick CFA

Berwick CFA

Many local organisations including the Berwick Fire Brigade have benefited from the generous support of the Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Berwick Fire Brigade Captain Alan Boyd and 1st Lieutenant Peter Obeth this week presented Ritchies IGA Berwick supermarket manager Glenn Borchard with a thank you plaque.

“The Berwick Fire Brigade has been receiving donations from Ritchies through the Community Benefit Program for 10 years”

“In this time over $23,000 has been donated to the brigade thanks to shoppers nominating Berwick CFA through the program.”

“Over the years the donations have been used to purchase specialised fire fighting equipment.”

“As the brigade prepares for a long, hot summer recent donations have been used to buy new specialised hose nozzles for aggressively attacking wildfire from the brigade's 4WD tanker whilst allowing maximum control over the amount of water used.”
“We thank Ritchies for their continued support and generosity through the Community Benefit Program.”

“We also thank the many Ritchies shoppers who have nominated the Berwick Fire Brigade as their program recipient.”
“Anyone who does not currently have a Community Benefit card or key tag can obtain one from Ritchies and we urge them to nominate us.”

Their CB number is 93915.


Bionics Institute (BI)

Help the Bionic Institute through Ritchies Community Benefit Card!


Bionics Institute
The Bionics Institute (BI) is an independent, non-profit, research organisation working in the field of medical bionics. Medical Bionics is a field of research combining bio(logy) and (electro)nics in order to develop implantable devices designed to provide treatments following damage to neural or muscle tissue. These devices have the potential to offer solutions to a wide range of debilitating conditions where other treatments are either unavailable or have failed.
Our research focuses on three key areas:

bionics logo

Bionic Hearing - Aims to improve the performance of the cochlear implant (bionic ear) and hearing aids, and enable their application to many more adults and children with hearing impairment. Our projects include: research to enhance the perception of music and speech in noise; the development of techniques to promote the survival of the hearing nerve; and understanding how the brain responds to the long-term electrical stimulation provided by cochlear implants.

Bionic Vision - As part of the Bionic Vision Australia consortium, we are developing a bionic eye to provide sight and independence to people with degenerative and genetic eye diseases. We are using our expertise in perception and engineering, as well as safety and biocompatibility studies, to establish safe surgical procedures and effective electrical stimulation strategies for the bionic eye. The first clinical trials of this device are scheduled for 2013.

Neurobionics - This research aims to develop implantable devices to detect, predict, and suppress abnormal brain activity. Over the next five years, we aim to develop a medical bionics platform - a flexible implantable device that can be used to treat a wide range of conditions by tailoring the device to suit each application. These applications include drug-resistant epilepsy, motor disorders (e.g., Parkinson's disease and essential tremor), and severe psychiatric disorders (e.g., obsessive-compulsive disorders).

Their CB No: 93867.


Boisdale Rural Fire Brigade

Boisdale Rural Fire Brigade says thanks!

Boisdale Rural Fire Brigade Secretary, Debbie Hooper wrote to thank Ritchies ”On behalf of the members of Boisdale Rural Fire Brigade, I would like to pass on our grateful thanks to Ritchies for the generous donation of $1,000 to our brigade through your Disaster Fund.

We are presently adding a meeting room and toilet facilities extension to our fire station fro our members. The CFA have met the costs of the planning permit, structure and basic fittings and our members are doing the construction. Your donation will be used to help with the costs involved in the fitting out of the meeting room.

This substantial donation will relieve the pressure on asking the local community for help with this project.”

If you would like to help these brave volunteers with fundraising their CB number is 90446.


Bowel Cancer Australia

group pic

Bowel Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in our society through awareness, education, support and research.

We aim to help save lives from this common cancer, Australia's second biggest cancer killer.

Bowel cancer affects men and women equally, of any age. 78 people die every week from the disease, and 1 in 12 of us will receive a bowel cancer diagnosis during our lifetime.

Charity initiatives such as Bowel Cancer Awareness Week®, BowelScreen Australia® and the Healthy Community Program raise awareness among health professionals and the community about the importance of early detection and intervention in the successful treatment of bowel cancer.

Through our ‘Love My Family' Community, we provide support, resources and advocacy for bowel cancer patients, their carers, close relatives and friends.

Bowel Cancer Logo

To do all this, we rely on public support.

Bowel Cancer Australia wishes to thank Ritchies and all the customers who participate in the Community Benefits scheme for their wonderful support of our charity. Your contribution makes a real difference, and we greatly appreciate it.

For further information on Bowel Cancer Australia and the work supported by Ritchies' Community Benefit Card Program please visit www.bowelcanceraustralia.org.

Help Bowel Cancer Australia by nominating them for a donation through the Ritchies' Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is 81855.


Camp Quality


Camp Quality

Camp Quality is a non profit organisation that is committed to bringing hope & happiness to every child living with cancer, their families & communities through ongoing quality recreational, educational, hospital & financial support programs.

Camp Quality will hold approximately 240 recreational camps and recreational activities this year throughout Australia for children living with cancer & their families.

The majority of these camps are based on recreational experiences like horse riding & abseiling in the summer & skiing in the winter months. The camps last from two to seven days. Each camp is fully funded by the organisation, including the cost of the companions (adult volunteers). At camp each child is assigned a companion ensuring that each child receives the highest quality of care.

The camping program provides a wonderfully unique opportunity for a child with cancer to put their illness behind them for a few days and concentrate on being a child again. Most importantly it provides them with fun & happiness, as “Laughter really is the Best Medicine”.

If you would like to help bring some fun into the lives of children with cancer, you can nominate Camp Quality to be the recipient of a donation through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Camp Quality Logo

Their CB number is 93205.